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Ganjam +2 Junior Colleges list with Seat Capacity

List of Junior Colleges in Ganjam District of Odisha with total seat capacity including the seats available for Arts, Science, as well as Commerce course streams is given below. These Colleges are listed under SAMS, DHEORISSA and ready for e-Admission by Online and Offline medium in the Year 2014 - 2015.

Junior colleges in Ganjam District, Odisha

Block/ULB NameCollege NameTOTALArtsScienceComm
Berhampur (MPL)Ambedkar (Junior) College, Berhampur96--96
Berhampur (MPL)Aaryan Gurukul (Junior) College, Berhampur320-25664
DharakoteAnanta Narayana (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Dharakote6464--
JaganathprasadAnchalika (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Jagannathprasad2561286464
BugudaAnchalika Science (Junior) College, Ballipadar320192128-
Berhampur (MPL)Arihant Junior College, Berhampur192-12864
AskaAska Science (Junior) College, Aska384128128128
PolasaraBartini Science (Junior) College, Bartini256128128-
PurusotampurBasudeba Sethy Science College, Bhatakimarda288160128-
Berhampur (MPL)Beenapani Junior Science College, Berhampur96-96-
Bellaguntha (NAC)Bellaguntha Science (Junior) College, Bellaguntha2881289664
BellagunthaBellaguntha Women's (Junior) College, Bellaguntha19212864-
KabisuryanagarBharati (Junior) Science College, Gudiali Junction64-64-
Kabisuryanagar (NAC)Bighnesh Residential College, Kabisuryanagar64-64-
SuradaBiju Patnaik (Junior) Science College, Badagada128128--
DigapahandiBiju Patnaik Women's (Junior) College, Digapahandi128128--
Berhampur (MPL)Binayak Acharya (Junior) College, Berhampur41619212896
SanakhemundiBiswas Roy Science (Junior) College, Pattapur22412896-
RangeilundaCambridge (Junior) College, Mahuda64-64-
Berhampur (MPL)Chakadola (Junior) College, Berhampur128-128-
Khallikote (NAC)Chanakya Junior Science College (Self Financing), Khallikote96-96-
Chatrapur (NAC)Chhatrapur Women's (Junior) College, Chhatrapur128128--
DigapahandiChidananda Saraswati (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Bamkoi192128-64
Chikiti (NAC)Chikiti (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Chikiti28819296-
Berhampur (MPL)City (Junior) College, Berhampur2881289664
BhanjanagarDandapani Maharatha Science (Junior) College, Gallery1609664-
Berhampur (MPL)Deccan (Junior) College, Berhampur128128--
Berhampur (MPL)Disha College of Science and Commerce, Berhampur160-9664
PatrapurDoki Sanyasi (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Khariaguda128128--
Ganjam (NAC)Ganjam (Junior) College, Ganjam448256192-
Berhampur (MPL)Gayatri (Junior) College, Berhampur384-384-
Berhampur (MPL)Gayatri Women's (Junior) College, Berhampur192-192-
Bhanjanagar (NAC)Ghumusur (Junior) Residential College, Bhanjnagar, Ganjam128-128-
GanjamGopal Krushna Vigyan (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Subalya256128128-
Gopalapur (NAC)Gopalpur (Junior) College, Gopalpur, Ganjam38419212864
Chatrapur (NAC)Government (Junior) College, Chhatrapur32012812864
RangeilundaGurukul International College, Berhampur160-9664
ChatrapurGyana Vikash (Junior) College, Chatrapur128-128-
GanjamHumma Salt (Junior) College, Humma128128--
BeguniapadaJanata Bigyan (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Beguniapada25619264-
KhallikoteK.P. Science (Junior) College, Langaleswar384128128128
Bhanjanagar (NAC)Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja (Junior) College, Bhanjanagar57625625664
Kabisuryanagar (NAC)Kabisurya Baladev Vigyan (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kabisuryanagar32012812864
RangeilundaKalyani (Junior) College, Rangeilunda64-64-
ChikitiKaruna Shanti (Junior) Residential College, Govindanagar64-64-
KhallikoteKeshpur (Junior) College, Panditgaon19212864-
Berhampur (MPL)Khallikote (Junior) College, Berhampur1072432384256
HinjilicutKhambeya Dora (Junior) Science College, Pochilima35212812896
DigapahandiKhemundi (Junior) College, Digapahandi256128128-
ChatrapurKhetra Mohan Science (Junior) College, Narendrapur19212864-
Berhampur (MPL)Krishna International (Junior) College, Berhampur64-64-
BellagunthaKshetriyabarapur Anchalika (Junior) Science College, Kshetriyabarapur384256128-
Kodala (NAC)Laxminarayan (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kodala2561286464
Berhampur (MPL)Lingaraj Science (Junior) College, Berhampur128-128-
Berhampur (MPL)Mahamaye Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Gandhinagar512256128128
KukudakhandiMahuri Kalua (Junior) College, Balipada19212864-
BugudaManitara Science (Junior) College, Manitara256128128-
Berhampur (MPL)Nalanda +2 Science College, Berhampur128-128-
KabisuryanagarNarayani Science College, Athagadapatana128128--
AskaNimina Brundaban Chandra (Junior) College, Kendupadar256128128-
Aska (NAC)Niranjan Government (Junior) College, Aska19212864-
ChatrapurNursingha Nath (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Mahanadpur128128--
ChikitiNuvapada Sri Balaji (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Nuapada22412896-
RangeilundaOm Bhurbhuvah Svah Residential (Junior) College, Goilundi256-256-
Berhampur (MPL)Om Herambalaya Residential (Junior) College, Hilpatna256-256-
SuradaP.C.M. Women's (Junior) College, Surada128128--
Chatrapur (NAC)P.N.U.A. (Junior) College, Chhatrapur25616096-
Buguda (NAC)People's (Junior) College, Buguda22412896-
SheragadaPitala (Junior) College, Pitalo128128--
Polasara (NAC)Polasara Science (Junior) College, Polosara384256128-
BellagunthaPrafulla Kumari Women's (Junior) College, Gobara128128--
ChatrapurPratibha Residential (Junior) College, Chatrapur128-128-
Khallikote (NAC)Rama Chandra Mardaraj Science (Junior) College, Khallikote30412812848
RangeilundaRama Narayan (Junior) College, Dura32012812864
DigapahandiRamjee (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Bhismagiri19212864-
ChikitiRegional Science (Junior) College, Sorola256128128-
Polasara (NAC)Regional Women's College, Polosara19212864-
Berhampur (MPL)Roland (Junior) College, Berhampur288-22464
Surada (NAC)Rushikulya (Junior) College, Surada19212864-
GanjamSaheed Bhagat Singh (Junior) College, Khandadeuli448256192-
RangeilundaSamrat (Junior) College (M.I.S.T.), Berhampur192-192-
Chikiti (NAC)Sapta Shree Junior Science College, Chikiti64-64-
Berhampur (MPL)Saraswati (Junior) Vidya Mandir, Neelakantha Nagar384-32064
Berhampur (MPL)Sashi Bhusan Rath Government Women's (Junior) College, Berhampur44825612864
Bhanjanagar (NAC)Savitri Women's (Junior) College, Bhanjanagar320192128-
Hinjilicut (NAC)Science (Junior) College, Hinjilicut512128256128
SanakhemundiScience (Junior) College, Konkorada2561286464
KukudakhandiScience (Junior) College, Kukudakhandi384128128128
SanakhemundiScience (Junior) College, Pudamari19212864-
KukudakhandiShiksha (Junior) College, Berhampur Block- Kukudakhandi128--128
RangeilundaSidha Bhairabi Science College, Konisi2561286464
Berhampur (MPL)SMIT +2 Science Residential College,Ankuspur96-96-
DharakoteSomanath Science (Junior) College, Mundamari256128128-
Buguda (NAC)Sri Baladev Jew Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Buguda160160--
HinjilicutSri Beleswar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Gondala128128--
PatrapurSri Bharatpati (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Samantiapali304192112-
GanjamSri Jaganath (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Rambha2561286464
Berhampur (MPL)Suprava Devi Women's (Junior) College, Berhampur9696--
Purusotampur (NAC)Tara Tarini (Junior) College, Purusottampur320192128-
JaganathprasadTentulia Sasan Debasthan (Junior) College, Bijaya Dhanurjaya Pur352224128-
RangeilundaThe Sristi Residential College, Berhampur64-64-
RangeilundaU.H.S.S (Junior), Bhanjabihar1609664-
SheragadaUdaya Pratap Science (Junior) College, Sheragada2721606448
RangeilundaVedbyash Residential College, Berhampur320-320-

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