Water Purifiers in India (with 2021 Price)

In India Water is abundant, and is available throughout the County. Some very few states like Rajasthan, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh lacks the required amount of water. In the Onset of COVID-19 Pandemic since 2020, You have to look out for the best way to drink pure water and guide, near and dear ones also it ensures to keep your family safe from water-borne diseases. Searching for the best Water Purifier for your home in India is quite a tough task, especially online. There are varieties of Water purifiers from many Companies, including Branded as well as local manufacturers. One of the Basic requirements for Homes in India is that they look for a Water Purifier, that is very easy to install and uses less energy. Many of the Water Purifier brands claim to have Manganese Dioxide Filtration Media for Water Treatment, Glass Coatings, and Surface treatment Features, while others claim to kill germs, remove salination with RO+UV+TA+AC, Some Water Purifier works without electricity, which me

Mo Bus Bhubaneswar Rate-Fare Chart

Mo Bus Bhubaneswar Smart City Rate-Fare Chart


“MO BUS Card” are efforts from the CRUT to increase the public transport ridership. The card will be will enable citizens of Bhubaneswar to travel unlimited in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri. The Card allows citizen to travel on any time, any route, between any points.

Type of Bus Pass NAC Services
Daily City Pass (valid for a Single Day) 40.00
Three Days City Pass (valid for 3 days) 80.00
Weekly City Pass (valid for 7 days) 160.00
Fortnightly City Pass (valid for 15 days) 320.00
Monthly City Pass (valid for 30 days) 600.00
Quarterly City Pass (valid for 90 days) 1600.00
Half Yearly City Pass (valid for 180 days) 3000.00
Yearly City Pass (valid for 365 days) 5000.00
Daily Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for a Single Day) 80.00
Three Days Inter-City Pass (valid for 3 days) 160.00
Weekly Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for 7 days) 320.00
Fortnightly Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for 15 days) 640.00
Monthly Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for 30 days) 1200.00
Quarterly Inter-City Pass (valid for 90 days) 3200.00
Half Yearly Inter-City Pass (valid for 180 days) 6000.00
Yearly Inter-City Pass (valid for 365 days) 10000.00

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