Mathakaragola College Mathakaragola Dhenkanal

June 09, 2012

About  Mathakaragola College, Mathakaragola, Dhenkanal

It was a long cherished dream of the locality to develop a pattern where the rural nativities will have a chance to enter into higher education. Fen eminent educationists of the village Mathakaragola have taken a vow to materialise the dream. With their out funding effort as well as the collaboration of the vicinity, it has been unanimously resolved to open a college at Mathakaragola a culturally enriched and having strategically importantance the source of inspiration for qualitative academic so as to bring harmonious development of rural youths originally sprout from Ghansyam Dash and equitably transmitted by Sri K.S. Sahoo the first ever Indian Civil service qualifier of this locality.
THE PRINCIPAL Prof. M.M. Baral - Principal
Contact Number: 06769 276418

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
 Prof. M.M. Baral - Principal
Contact Number :  06769 276418

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Prof. H. K. Sahoo - Lect. in Philosophy
Contact Number: 06769  276418,9439590761

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