Marshaghai College Marshagha Kendrapada

June 09, 2012

About  Marshaghai College, Marshaghai, Kendrapada

Twenty five kilometers away from the Eastern sea-board of the Bay of Bengal, one kilometer south of Daitary-paradeep N.H.-5(A) and two kilometers away from the Northern Bank of river. "The Luna", stands a trade centre bearing the colonial relics of British regime. It is Marshaghai, the Block headquarters in the district of Kendrapara. People say that the nomenclature of Marshaghai is after Marshal sahib who was stationed here on her Majesty's behalf. This place had developed ancient trade links with the remote areas via Jamboo-Marshaghai canal and also enroute "The Luna". Infact, this place is surrounded by a number of thickly populated villages. Though commercially vibrant, Marshaghai was without a temple of higher learning for long years, to cater to the educational needs of the rural masses.
     The long cherished need was fulfilled by some of the illustrious sons of the soil. The proposal to set up a college was first initiated by Sj.Rasananda Rath, a man of vision, the then president of Gopabandhu Club and the present reporter of an Oriya Daily "The Samaj". Accordingly, a meeting was convened at Marshaghai Girls'High School on 20.02.1979. Late Sj.Dhruba Charan Swain and Sj.Rasananda Rath were unanimously selected as the President and Secretary of the steering committee respectively. The second meeting was presided over by Late Sj.Prahllad Mallik, the then Minister of irrigation and Agriculture on 08.02.1979. A Governing Body took shape and Late Sj.Prahllad Mallik was inducted as a G.B.Member. The third meeting on 20.06.1980, selected Late Sj.Prahllad Mallik as the Secretary, Sj.Rasananda Rath as Asst.Secretary and Late Sj.Dhurba Charan Swain as President. Thereafter, Sj.Raghunath Rath was inducted as the Vice-president of G.B. on 08.10.1980. At present Prof.Sachinandan samantray acts as the Principal-cum-Secretary and Sub-Collector of Kendrapara acts as the president of the Governing Body.
     The foundation stone of the college buildings was laid by Sj.Gangadhar Mohapatra, the then Minister of Education on Kartika Purnima in the year 1980. The college started functioning in a temporary shed with two Non-Teaching members of the Staff (M.S.Behera and B.Das) on 11.07.1980. Subjects like English, MIL, Oriya, History, Pol.Science, Sociology, Economics and Education were opened on 20.06.1980 and eight lecturers were appointed on 29.07.1980. Classes started functioning on and from 01.08.1980. Sri Debendra Nath Basantia, Lecturer-in-History acted as the first principal of the college. The college began with an overwhelming number of student strength. 160 & 324 students were enrolled against traditional I.A. classes in the year 1980 and 1981 respectively.    
THE PRINCIPAL Mr. Sachinandan  - Principal
Contact Number: 06727 272025 

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Mr. Sachinandan  - Principal
Contact Number: 06727 272025 

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Mr. Dulal Kishore rath - Economics
Contact Number: 06727 272025

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