Mahatma Gandhi Junior Mahavidyalaya Baisinga Mayurbhanj

June 07, 2012

About  Mahatma Gandhi Junior Mahavidyalaya, Baisinga, Mayurbhanj

The Mahatma Gandhi Mahavidyalaya was established :7, 1988. At the initial stage, the College started functioning in the local Munilal High School Building. In 1989, the College had its Govt. Concurrence with 128 seats in +2 Arts and 64 seats in +2 Science. The students had the opportunity of being taught the subjects like English and M.I.L. (0) as compulsory and History, Pol. Science, Economics, Oriya as optional subjects in +2 Arts and Physics, Chemistry. Mathematics and Biology in +2 Science.

A distinctive feature of this College is its open and large. Play ground that caters to the need of the Youngman in preparing them true-athletes. The College has a small but rich library and separate Science Laboratories. It provides accommodation, for the Principal's chamber, office, Staff common room, Examination section, Boys' common room and girl's common room. The college is already in the run for opening Honors courses in some other subjects Odia, Education. & Economics with qualified staff members. The College has made its name for healthy teacher - student relationship, sound senses  of discipline among the students, regular teaching and satisfactory result in the Higher Secondary and University Examination of the name of the college comes at least in one aspect. From the establishment till today it has come across many ups and downs on its way. In spite of all hurdles and hardships, the founders and the staff members of the institution have never gone away from their destination. The Gandhian sprit always inspired them to work honestly and sincerely.

THE PRINCIPAL Dr. Goutam Kishore Nayak - Principal
Contact Number: 9861539633

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Dr. Goutam Kishore Nayak - Principal
Contact Number: 9861539633

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Mr. Khageswar Dash - Jr. Clerk cum Typist
Contact Number: 9861175778

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
Mr. Parsuram Das -Lecturer in Logic
Contact Number: 9437990853

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