Raghunath Junior College Deuli Khordha

About Raghunath Junior College Deuli Khordha

Raghunath College occupies a prominent position in the annals of Educational History of Bolagarh Block in the district of Khordha. This has given birth to a number of Educational institutions. The College was named as "Raghunath" who donated 3.5 Areas of land. To describe Raghunath uniqueness through mere words is almost impossible. He was renowned personality of this area.
Before writing the History of the College it is necessary to describe the territorial features of Deuli. This is 70Kms away from state headquarters. It is very remote area. Some small hills are surrounded to this area. Most of the students of this area are very poor. The financial condition of their parents wasn't so good to send their children to towns or cities for pursuing Higher Education. Lack of opportunity destroyed their ambition, hope and aspiration. This handicapped the intellectual aspect of this area.
The need of the people was establishment of a college, which would serve the purpose of their children. This was an age-old demand. The grace of God began to flow. Some renowned educationist appeared on the scenario. They came forward to materialise the old age dream. Wandering from villages to villages, one area to another area they sought the help and co-operation of people for establishment of a college. Support poured from every corner. The worthy sons of the soil came out in supporting the institution. Late Gangadhar Paikaray, the then MLA of the constituency, Late Paschimeswar Nayak, a well known social worker, Bhagirathi Sahu, renowned educationalist, Rajkishore Brahma, Ex-Head Master, Satmarga M.E. School, Deuli, Late Jameswar Khuntia, Ex.Asst. Teacher, Garhbanikilo High School, Late Bhagirathi Behera, Ex.Asst. Teacher, Late Chandra Sekhar Pattanayak Ex.Head Master Kadab M.E. School extended their help and co-operation.
They all vowed to work hard for establishing a college. At the initial stage obstacles came but the commitment, grim determination and firm resolution of the founder members enabled them to overcome the impediments. They met at +2 colleges and decided to open a degree college named as "Raghunath".
The dream came true when the permission letter reached. It was 1990. Permission was accorded for +2 Arts with 128 seats. Subjects permitted were English, MIL (O), Economics, Political Science, History, Sanskrit, Education and Oriya. Advertisement was made for the admission of the students. The enrollment was 128. Soon the lecturers, ministerial staff and peons were appointed. The founder's sincere effort brought another fruit. The college has got temporary recognition for the session 1990-91. From the said session the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar has been pleased to grant affiliation. It was a significant event in the history of the college. The members grew confidence after this fund was created for the construction of the college building. The college building took its shape. The college started functioning on its own building. The students came in large number of study here. By this time the college could establish its fame in the locality. The Govt. have been pleased to increase seats from 128 to 256 in the year 1992-93 with another subject Logic. After some year the govt. have been pleased to grant recognition to +2 Science stream in the year 2001-02.
The role of Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena, the founder principal was memorable in the nourishment of the college. His ideal administration was indeed remarkable. Dedication, commitment and dutifulness of the lecturers and employees accounted for the rise of the college. The cordial relationship between teachers and students created the impression of Vedic Gurukula Ashram. Noble intention of the founder, co-operative attitude of the founder members, selfless service of the teachers and employees smoothed the day-to-day running of the college. They all employed their body; mind and soul for its rise, under their extraordinary patronage the college could stand as an ideal institution.
The session 2003-04 was an epoch making one for the college. During the session the college got permanent recognition from government. A permanent recognise Junior College in a remote rural area like Deuli became reality. Everywhere there was an atmosphere to cheerfulness. To add more prominence to the college, another rare thing happened. Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha, BBSR granted permanent affiliation to the college following the footsteps of the state govt. We have achieved some but a lot still remains unreachable. Our journey does not end. It will continue ceaselessly. The goal is not yet reached. The college has a long way to go the dream of the creator is to be realised. The mission is to move from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, from nothingness to fullness.
Time flows. Flux is the law of nature. Keeping tune with it the college management changes. Some of the founder members have left the committee. Some of them have left this phenomenal world. But the college has not forgotten them. Their names will remain immortal in the annals of the college history. They left an indelible spot on the sands of time for their exemplary roll, selfless service and sacrifice for the making of the college "RAGHUNATH COLLEGE" is the symbol of their noble work. The college cannot speak. But its air, soil, trees, everything, it has send a silent massage. The college steel holds the memories of its founder members, creator and of those who directly or indirectly worked and co-operated for its establishment. It has been striving to fulfil the objective of its creation. The govt. have been pleased to declare our college as an added educational institution.
Before taking a pause, we will have a quick look at the present staff position Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena, Lect-in-Economics & Incharge Principal of this college, Bhagban Jena, Lect-in-Pol.Science, Amiyabala Nanda, Lect-in-Sanskrit, Rama Chandra Jena, Lect-in-Education, Padmalaya Maharana, Lect-in-English, Samir Chandra Das, Lect-in-History, Pratap Chandra Behera, Lect-in-Logic, Umakanta Ojha, Lect-in-Odia are appointed in due course.
The college is indebted to them for their dutiful nature, progressive attitude and sacrificial mind. The college is thankful to all those who played active roll or remained away extending support and co-operation for its present status. The saga of its development will continue in an endless manner. It tries to establish if self as an ideal institution.

THE PRINCIPAL Dr. Tapan Kumar Jena, Lect. in Eco. & Principal Incharge
Contact Number:06755 247084

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Bhagaban Jena, Lect. In Pol. Science
Contact Number:9777514333

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Rama Chandra Jena, Lect. In Education
Contact Number:9938126446