Kashrupada Junior Mahavidyalaya Kashrupada Kalahandi

May 11, 2012

About  Kashrupada Junior Mahavidyalaya, Kashrupada, Kalahandi

Established in 1994 as +2 Mahavidyalaya, Kashrupara. It is situated in the heart of Kalahandi district near Kesinga block & inside N.H. 201 in the state of Odisha where most of the area is dominated by scheduled caste & scheduled tribes population and the institution promises to uplift the rural population in to the main stream by didn't of hard work & excellencies by importing higher education to fulfill its objectives.
THE PRINCIPAL Sri Ramesh Chandra Naik - Principal Cum Secretary G.B.
Contact Number:9437361347
First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Sri. Binod Bihari Pattnaik - Principal Cum-Secretary
Contact Number:9437092165
Public Information Officer (PIO):
Upendra Mohanty - Lecturer in Economics
Contact Number:9937489214

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