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Apr 27, 2012

S.C.S. Autonomous College Puri

About S.C.S. Autonomous College Puri

S.C.S. Autonomous college is a Govt. educational institution imparting higher education in graduation and post-graduation level. This institution is named after the name of Samanta Chandra Sekhar, popularly known as Pathni Samanta, an astronomer born in Puri district in 1911 century. This is one of the oldest educational institution of Orissa, established in 1944. It extends teaching facilities in Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Commerce and the latest fields like computer science, information technology and management etc.  
    The main objective of this institution is to disseminate knowledge to the students in different fields. Simultaneously this institution also aims at the overall development of the students; physical, mental and moral. State and National level Seminar and extramural lecturers are organized time to time for the betterment of the students. Games and Sports are also an integral part of this institution which inspires the students to be physically fit. There are also many societies and associations related to social service and cultural programmes. N.C.C., Rovers and Rangers. Red Cross etc incite vaguer. enthusiasm and feeling of national integration in the students. This college also publishes an annual multilingual magazine to develop creativity in them.

THE PRINCIPAL Prof.Bhabani Shankar Mallasamanta, Principal
Contact Number:222055222955

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Dr. Kartikeswar Patra, Reader in Botany
Contact Number:06752222055, 9438149676

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Dr. Sudarsan Baral, Reader in Education
Contact Number:9437284553

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
Dr.H.K.Mallick, Lecturer (SS) in Odia
Contact Number:9853287755
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