Banabhumi Mahavidyalaya, Rangamatia, Mayurbhanj

About Banabhumi College

Banabhumi Mahavidyalaya, Rangamatia, Mayurbhanj is situated at the outskirt of Revenue village Rangamatia.The biggest Village of Shymakhunta Block Surrounded by a small river Kanchikhal in the east and a sylvan surrounding in the west side Mahavidyalaya bears a solitary look most befitting for a centre of higher education. Due to the popular will and craze for higher education, this Mahavidyalaya was established in the year 1989 at Rangamatia Siksya Pratisthan,Rangamatia.

The long Cherished dream of this locality ultimately has been materialized by the active co-operation and uniflinching support of the people o Rangamatia in general. Since then the Mahavidyalaya is not logging behind.To add its beauty pulchritude and serenity, a sterling Similipal national Park stands adjacent to the Mahavidyalaya.

The Mahavidyalaya started with 12 numbers of students 4 numbers of Teachers and 7 numbers of Non-teaching staff with only +2 Arts Classes. Over the year continuous growth has now made the Mahavidyalaya a full-fledged one with Arts, Science, Commerce and Vocational wings.At present there are 560 numbers of students are readding in our Mahavidyalaya, 18 numbers of Teaching staff and 23 numbers of Non-teaching staff are rendering their services for all round development of the instituation.

The Mahavidyalaya has carved a rich in the field of education in Mayurbhanj District. The enthusiastic public, Co-Operative staff and the active G.B. Of the Mahavidyalaya extendent their maximum Co-Operation in all positive thinking for which we could be able to face to make the instituation full-fledged one. We dream of a Mahavidyalaya which can fulfil the aspirations of the public and students of the locality.

The Banabhumi Mahavidyalaya, Rantgamatia,Mayurbhanj stands supreme and exalted in providing result oriented Scholasticism to students for their walk of life on this dog eat dog world.

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
THE PRINCIPAL Purna Chandra Parida - Principal 
Contact Number: :9937422545

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Jayhari Singh - Head Clerk

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
Manjulata Singh - Lecturer In Logic
Contact Number: : #

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