Anchalika Junior Mahavidyalaya, Birasal, Dhenkanal

April 09, 2012

The sence and propitious ambiance pf 3rd June 1991 suddenly dawned into a new awakening of Birasal to all the sonews of Higher Education. On that momentous day many young faces were along with ineffable joy, lit with the wide prospectus for a bright future and with surfeit of rich expectations. They found ultimately their long cherished dreams of gateways to Higher learning being opening at them and taking wings. Admidst an avalance of sky touching and heart bursting words forming the chorus in praise of those founders and the public at large, the denouncement finally came with the inauguration of this institution. In the background of Panoramic beauty and panoptic scenery formed by the small hills around, dense forest the college began its first flutter being securely perched in the blissful and benign a shrine of the people of six grama Panchayat such as Birasal, batagaon, Makua kateni, Marubil, Raibol & Balikuma symbolizes and preaches communal harmony of Humanity.
     Passing through many vicissitudes, trials and tribulations ups and downs, the fledging during these years has grown into a mature, development and healthy institution. The illumianting pages of History of this alma-meter started by govt. recognition in the year 1993 +2 stream as a testimony to its growth. Having spoken high of its golden and glorious past, does not in any way, make us oblivious of our long journey of traverse towards our ultimate goal. The onus is on its inmates-the teachers, students and all who are the sole actors to lead this institution into the grand shape pf a full fledge, academically advanced and prosperous temple of wisdom. It can be incontestable said that whatever new various and beautiful face, the College dons today due to the unmitigated efforts and ungrudging cooperation of all. The development like mire class rooms playground. The College may look small but it is certainly a beautiful flower wafting its academically glavoured and intellectually informed sweet fragrance all round, quite indicative of its moral stance and commmitment to the ushering in of a full blossomed institution.

For Details on College One can Contact the Following Authorities
First Appellate Authority (FAA):
The Principal
Sri Brahma Sankar Nanda -Principal I/C Lect. In Pol. Sc.
Mobile - 9938177040

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sri Prasant Kumar Pati - Lect. In History
Mobile -9437731722

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
Sri Jagdish Prasad Tripathy - Lect. In Odia
Mobile - 9438630420

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