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Govt & Private Diploma Colleges in Odisha List 2019

As per the Skill Dev & Tech Education Website : http://skill.samsodisha.gov.in and the Directorate of Technical Education & Training Odisha Website : www.dtetodisha.gov.in the List of Govt. Colleges having Diploma Courses are as follows:

Govt. Polytechnic Diploma Colleges List in Odisha 2019

Sl SAMS Code District Name Block/ULB Name Institute Name
1 10211201 Angul Banarpal Govt. Polytechnic, Angul
2 20811201 Balasore Remuna Govt. Polytechnic, Balasore
3 30711201 Baragarh Bargarh (MPL) Govt. Polytechnic, Bargarh
4 40211201 Bhadrak Bhadrak Govt. Polytechnic, Bhadrak
5 50211201 Bolangir Balangir Govt. Polytechnic, Balangir
6 60111201 Boudh Boudh Govt. Polytechnic, Boudh
7 71011201 Cuttack Cuttack Sadar Bhubananada Orissa School Of Engg., Cuttack
8 71011202 Cuttack Cuttack Sadar Bhubananada Orissa School Of Engg. (2nd Shift), Cuttack
9 71611201 Cuttack Tangi Inst. Of Textile Technology, Choudwar, Cuttack (Society)
10 80411201 Deogarh Deogarh (MPL) Govt. Polytechnic, Deogarh
11 90111201 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal sadar Govt. Polytechnic, Dhenkanal
12 90911201 Dhenkanal Parjang Indira Gandhi Institute Of Tech., Sarang (Society)
13 100211201 Gajapati Gumma Govt. Polytechnic, Gajapati
14 110711201 Ganjam Berhampur (MC) Govt. Polytechnic, Berhampur
15 110711202 Ganjam Berhampur (MC) Uma Charan Patnaik Engg. School, Berhampur
16 120611201 Jagatsinghpur Naugaon Govt. Polytechnic, Jagatsinghpur
17 130811201 Jajpur Korai Govt. Polytechnic, Jajpur
18 140111201 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Engineering School, Jharsuguda
19 150111201 Kalahandi Bhawanipatna Govt. Polytechnic, Kalahandi
20 161311201 Kandhamal Phulbani Govt. Polytechnic, Kandhamal
21 170211201 Kendrapara Derabish Govt. Polytechnic, Kendrapada
22 181311201 Keonjhar Keonjhar Orissa School Of Mining Engineering, Keonjhar
23 190311201 Khurda Bhubaneswar Govt. Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar
24 190311202 Khurda Bhubaneswar Govt. Polytechnic (2nd Shift), Bhubaneswar
25 200311201 Koraput Jeypore Govt. Polytechnic, Koraput
26 210511201 Malkangiri Malkangiri Govt. Polytechnic, Malkanagiri
27 221611201 Mayurbhanj Samakhunta Govt. Polytechnic, Mayurbhanj, Tikarpada
28 230511201 Nawarangpur Nabarangpur Govt. Polytechnic, Nawarangpur
29 240511201 Nayagarh Nayagarh Govt. Polytechnic, Nayagarh
30 250411201 Nuapada Nuapada Govt. Polytechnic, Nuapada
31 260211201 Puri Brahmagiri Biju Patnaik Institute Of Technology, Moto, Brahma Giri, Puri
32 100711201 Rayagada Rayagada Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Inst. Of Technology, Rayagada
33 281111201 Sambalpur Rengali Govt. Polytechnic, Sambalpur
34 290511201 Sonepur Sonepur Govt. Polytechnic, Sonepur
35 301011201 Sundargarh Rourkela (MC) Skdav Govt. Polytechnic, Rourkela
36 301011202 Sundargarh Rourkela (MC) Utkalmani Gopabandhu Inst. Of Engg, Rourkela

Private Polytechnic Diploma Colleges List in Odisha 2019

SL# SAMS Code District Name Block/ULB Name Institute Name
1 10151201 Angul Angul Adarsha College Of Engneering (2nd Shift), Angul
2 10151202 Angul Angul Adarsha School Of Engg. & International Polytechnic, Angul
3 10251202 Angul Banarpal Narayani Inst. Of Engg. & Technology, Banarpal, Angul
4 10251203 Angul Banarpal Narayani Inst. Of Engg. & Technology (2nd Shift), Banarpal, Angul
5 10351201 Angul Chhendipada Purna Chandra Inst. Of Engg. & Technology, Chhendipada, Angul
6 11051201 Angul Talcher Pabitra Mohan Institute Of Technology, Talcher, Angul
7 20151201 Balasore Bahanaga Nilasaila Institute Of Science &Tech., Sergarh, Balasore
8 20151202 Balasore Bahanaga Venus Group Of Educational & Reaserch Institute, Bahanaga, Balasore
9 21451201 Balasore Nilgiri Raja Kishore Chandra Academy Of Tech., Nilagiri, Balasore
10 21551201 Balasore Oupada Mahalaxmi Institute Of Tech. & Engg., Raj Nilagiri, Balasore
11 20851202 Balasore Remuna B.I.T. Polytechnic, Balasore
12 20851203 Balasore Remuna Jhadeswar Inst. Of Engg. & Tech., Chhanpur, Balasore
13 20851204 Balasore Remuna Odisha Polytechnic, Kuruda, Balasore
14 20851205 Balasore Remuna Ramarani Institute Of Technology, Balasore
15 20251201 Balasore Balasore Sadar Balasore School Of Engineering, Balasore
16 20251202 Balasore Balasore Sadar Satya Sai School Of Engg. Diploma, Balasore
17 21051201 Balasore Soro Soro School Of Engineering,Soro Balasore.
18 30751202 Baragarh Bargarh (MPL) Padmashree Krutartha Acharya Inst. Of Eng. & Tech., Baragarh
19 30751203 Baragarh Bargarh (MPL) Vikash Polytechnic, Bargarh
20 40251202 Bhadrak Bhadrak Barapada School Of Engg. & Tech., Barapada, Bhadrak
21 40251203 Bhadrak Bhadrak Hi-Tech. Institute Of Engg. & Mgmt., Ranital, Bhadrak
22 40651201 Bhadrak Dhamnagar Bhadrak Engg. School & Tech., Asurali, Bhadrak
23 50751201 Bolangir Balangir (MPL) Sushree Institute Of Tech. Education, Bolangir
24 70151201 Cuttack Athgarh Dhabaleswar Institute Of Polytechnic, Athagarh
25 70951201 Cuttack Baranga Nigam Institute Of Engineering & Technology(2nd Shift), Baranga, Cuttack
26 70951202 Cuttack Baranga Suddhananda Residential Polytechnic, Nachhipur, Cuttack
27 71151201 Cuttack Kantapara Aryan Inst. Of Engg. & Tech. Poly, Sundargram, Cuttack
28 70351201 Cuttack Narsinghpur Gurukrupa Technical School, Narsinghpur, Cuttack
29 71351201 Cuttack Niali Rk Institute Of Engg. & Tech., Kantapada, Niali, Cuttack
30 71551201 Cuttack Salipur Ganapati Inst. Of Engg. & Tech.Poly, Jagatpur, Cuttack
31 71651203 Cuttack Tangi Driems Polytechnic, Tangi, Cuttack
32 71651204 Cuttack Tangi Sai Institute Of Tech. Science, Choudwar, Cuttack
33 90151202 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal sadar Bajirout Inst. Of Eng. & Tech. (Poly), Gobindpur, Dhenkanal
34 90151203 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal sadar Orissa Institute Of Engg. & Technology, Dhenkanal
35 90151204 Dhenkanal Dhenkanal sadar Synergy School Of Engineering, At-Banamali Prasad, Dhenkanal
36 90551201 Dhenkanal Hindol Pathani Samanta Institute Of Engg. & Tech. Poly, Dhenkanal
37 112651201 Ganjam Hinjilicut Gandhi School Of Engg., Purusottampur, Berhampur
38 110351201 Ganjam Kukudakhandi Orissa School Of Engineeringpoly, Berhampur
39 110351202 Ganjam Kukudakhandi Sanjay Memorial Institute Of Tech., Ankuspur, Berhampur
40 110551201 Ganjam Rangeilunda Aumsai Institute Of Technical Educationpoly, Berhampur
41 110551202 Ganjam Rangeilunda Berhampur School Of Engg. & Technology, Dora, Berhampur
42 110751203 Ganjam Berhampur (MC) Bharat Inst. Of Engg. & Tech., Sivram Vihar, Berhampur
43 110751204 Ganjam Berhampur (MC) Gandhi Polytechnic, Golanthara, Konisi, Berhampur
44 110751205 Ganjam Berhampur (MC) Kalam Institute Of Technologypoly, Berhampur
45 113351201 Ganjam Ganjam (NAC) Holy Institute Of Technology, Gobinadpur, Ganjam
46 130451201 Jajpur Danagadi Kalinga Inst. Of Engg. & Technology, Fc Project, Jajpur
47 130951201 Jajpur Rasulpur Kalinga Nagar Polytechnic, Tarapur, Jajpur
48 150151202 Kalahandi Bhawanipatna Kalahandi School Of Engg. & Tech.Poly, Bhawanipatna
49 161351202 Kandhamal Phulbani Biju Patnaik Inst. Of Technology, Phulbani
50 170651201 Kendrapara Marshaghai Pns School Of Engg. & Tech. Marsaghai, Kendrapara
51 181751201 Keonjhar Keonjhar (MPL) Keonjhar School Of Engineering, Keonjhar
52 190151201 Khurda Balianta Eastern Academy Of Science & Technology (East) (2nd Shift), Phulnakhara
53 190151202 Khurda Balianta Oxford College Of Engg. & Manangement (2nd Shift), Bhubaneswar
54 190151203 Khurda Balianta Oxford School Of Polytechnic Diploma, Balianta, Bbsr
55 190151204 Khurda Balianta Synergy Polytechnic, Bhimpur, Bhubaneswar
56 190351203 Khurda Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar Polytechnic, Janala, Bhubaneswar
57 190351204 Khurda Bhubaneswar Brm International Institute Of Tech. (2nd Shift), Pandra, Bhubaneswar
58 190351205 Khurda Bhubaneswar Ganesh Institute Of Engg. & Tech.Poly, Andharua, Bbsr
59 190351206 Khurda Bhubaneswar Ideal School Of Engg Poly, Jhinkharada, Khurda
60 190351207 Khurda Bhubaneswar Kiit Polytechnic, Patia, Bhubaneswar
61 190351208 Khurda Bhubaneswar Koustuv School Of Engg., Patia, Bhubaneswar
62 190351209 Khurda Bhubaneswar Krupajal Engineering School, Bhubaneswar
63 190351210 Khurda Bhubaneswar Krupajal Engineering School (2nd Shift), Bhubaneswar
64 190351211 Khurda Bhubaneswar Mahavir Engineering College, Mahavir Nagar, Bbsr, Paniora, Palashpur, Khurda-752054
65 190351212 Khurda Bhubaneswar Nalanda Institute Of Tech., Chandaka, Bhubaneswar
66 190351213 Khurda Bhubaneswar Nilachal Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar
67 190351214 Khurda Bhubaneswar Nm Institute Of Engg. & Technology (2nd Shift), Sijua, Patrapada, Bhubaneswar
68 190351215 Khurda Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Engg. College (2nd Shift), Mancheswar Rly. Colony, Bhubaneswar
69 190351216 Khurda Bhubaneswar Sudhananda Engineering & Research Centre (2nd Shift), Bhubaneswar
70 190351217 Khurda Bhubaneswar The Techno School (2nd Shift), Patrapada, Bhubaneswar
71 190451201 Khurda Jatni Aryan Institute Of Engg & Technology(2nd Shift), Panchagaon, Bhubaneswar
72 190451202 Khurda Jatni Aryan School Of Engg.& Technology,Barakuda,Khurda
73 190451203 Khurda Jatni Bhubaneswar Engineering College (2nd Shift), Gangapada, Bhubaneswar
74 190451204 Khurda Jatni C.V. Raman Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar
75 190451205 Khurda Jatni Indus School Of Engg., Barakuda, Khurda
76 190451207 Khurda Jatni Mits School Of Engineering, Janla, Bhubaneswar
77 190451208 Khurda Jatni Shibani Institute Of Technical Education (2nd Shift), Janla, Bhubaneswar
78 190451210 Khurda Jatni Swami Vivekananda School Of Engg. & Tech. Poly , Bhubaneswar
79 190451211 Khurda Jatni Swami Vivekananda School Of Engg. & Tech. Poly (2nd Shift), Bhubaneswar
80 190451213 Khurda Jatni Zenith Institute Of Science & Technology, Jatani, Khurda
82 191151201 Khurda Khordha Asian School Of Tech., Bantala, Muktapur, Khurda
83 191151203 Khurda Khordha Einstein Academy Of Tech. & Mgmt (2nd Shift), Bbsr
84 191151204 Khurda Khordha Gandhi Inst. For Edn. & Tech. (2nd Shift), Baniatangi Khordha
85 191151205 Khurda Khordha Gandhi Institute Of Tech. & Mgmt. (Gitam) (2nd Shift), Gangapada, Bhubaneswar
86 191151206 Khurda Khordha Hi-Tech Institute Of Techn. (2nd Shift), Indl Estate, Khurda
87 191151209 Khurda Khordha Vedang Institute Of Technology (2nd Shift), Bhubaneswar
91 200351202 Koraput Jeypore Hi-Tech. Institute Of Inf. & Tech. , Umeri, Jeypore
92 200351203 Koraput Jeypore Hi-Tech. Institute Of Inf. & Tech. (2nd Shift), Umeri, Jeypore
93 200351204 Koraput Jeypore Institute Of Engg. & Mgmt., Jeypore, Koraput
94 200351205 Koraput Jeypore Jeypore School Of Engg. & Tech., Rondapalli, Jeypore
95 201051201 Koraput Koraput Siddhartha Institute Of Engg. & Tech., Ektaguda, Koraput
96 201651201 Koraput Semiliguda Samanta Chandra Sekhar Inst. Of Tech. & Mgt., Semiliguda
97 221151201 Mayurbhanj Baripada Mayurbhanj School Of Engineering, Baripada
98 220451201 Mayurbhanj Jamda Amaravati Polytechnic, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj
99 222651201 Mayurbhanj Karanjia Sakuntala Sudarsan Inst. Of Tech.,Kalakad,Mayurbhanj
100 221451201 Mayurbhanj Morada Ssb Regional Inst. Of Sc. & Tech. Poly, Chitrada, Mayurbhanj
101 221551201 Mayurbhanj Rasgovindpur North Odisha School Of Engg., Rasagovindpur, Mayurbhanj
102 221651202 Mayurbhanj Samakhunta Divine Institute Of Engg. & Tech., Poda Astia, Baripada
103 221751201 Mayurbhanj Saraskana Seemanta Engg. College (2nd Shift), Jhar Pokharia, Mayurbhanj
104 240751201 Nayagarh Odagaon Sri Polytechnic, Komond, Odagaon, Nayagarh
105 250451202 Nuapada Nuapada Mahamaya Inst. Of Medical & Tech. Sciencepoly, Nuapada
106 270451201 Rayagada Gunupur Balaji Inst. Of Tech. & Science, Knowledge Centre, Gunupur
107 100751202 Rayagada Rayagada Gandhi Institute Of Advanced Compuer & Research (2nd Shift), Rayagada
108 100751203 Rayagada Rayagada Gandhi Institute Of Science & Technology (2nd Shift), Kholiguda, Rayagada
110 280851201 Sambalpur Dhankauda Badri Prasad Inst. Of Tech., Debaipali, Sambalpur
111 300651201 Sundargarh Kuarmunda City Inst.Of Technical Education, Kuanr Munda, Rourkela
112 300751201 Sundargarh Lathikata Rourkela Institute Of Tech., Kalunga, Rourkela
113 301651201 Sundargarh Rajgangpur IIPM School Of Engineering & Technology, Near L&T Campus, Kansbahal, Rajgangpur, Sundargarh
114 301651202 Sundargarh Rajgangpur Purusottam School Of Engg. & Tech. Poly, Mandiakudur, Rourkela
115 301851201 Sundargarh Sundargarh Sundergarh Engineering School, Kirei, Sundergarh

For Students the Complete Address of Communication, to DTET Odisha is listed below :

Address & Contact no of of DTET Odisha Cuttack

Complete Timeline of Admission into Diploma Colleges Odisha 2019

Diploma Engineering College Odisha 2019 Admission Timeline Dates
Timeline 2019 Diploma Colleges in Odisha Admission

Some Important Dates to be remembered for Students , is :

For Private Institutions:

On 25th July 2019 Admission Phase 2 , Last date for Registration & Tagging (3rd semester Lateral Entry) and the same is on 4th August 2019 for the Students seeking admission into 1st semester.

For Govt. Colleges :

The Last Date of Online Registration is 20th July 2019 and 4th August 2019 for 3rd Semester lateral entry and 1st semester retrospectively.

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