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Govt & Private Diploma Colleges in Odisha List 2019

As per the Skill Dev & Tech Education Website : and the Directorate of Technical Education & Training Odisha Website : the List of Govt. Colleges having Diploma Courses are as follows: Govt. Polytechnic Diploma Colleges List in Odisha 2019 SlSAMS CodeDistrict NameBlock/ULB NameInstitute Name 110211201AngulBanarpalGovt. Polytechnic, Angul 220811201BalasoreRemunaGovt. Polytechnic, Balasore 330711201BaragarhBargarh (MPL)Govt. Polytechnic, Bargarh 440211201BhadrakBhadrakGovt. Polytechnic, Bhadrak 550211201BolangirBalangirGovt. Polytechnic, Balangir 660111201BoudhBoudhGovt. Polytechnic, Boudh 771011201CuttackCuttack SadarBhubananada Orissa School Of Engg., Cuttack 871011202CuttackCuttack SadarBhubananada Orissa School Of Engg. (2nd Shift), Cuttack 971611201CuttackTangiInst. Of Textile Technology, Choudwar, Cuttack (Society) 1080411201DeogarhDeogarh (MPL)Govt. Polytechnic, Deogarh 1190111201DhenkanalDhenkanal sadarGovt. Polytechn…