Baragarh +2 Junior Colleges List With Seat Capacity 2018

DHE Odisha, SAMS Academic year 2018 - 2019 list of +2 Junior Colleges in Baragarh District of Odisha with seat capacity in Arts, Science as well at Commerce stream are listed below. The following Colleges are ready for Online e-Admission for the Academic Year 2018 - 2019.
Baragarh District +2 Junior Colleges List
Baragarh District +2 Junior Colleges List

+2 Junior Collages list in Baragarh District, Odisha

SAMS CodeCollege NameArtsScienceCommerce
3013101Swami Vivekananda (Junior) College, Dungri128--
3023101Anchalika (Junior) College, Paharsrigida192-64
3022101Attabira (Junior) College, Attabira12896-
3024101Kadobahal (Junior) College, Kadobahal256-128
3022102Larambha (Junior) College, Larambha192128128
3033101Baba Balunkeswar (Junior) College, Khuntapali256--
3033102Gandhi Memorial (Junior) College, Kalapani128--
3032101Katapali (Junior) College, Katapali128--
3035104Maruti Junior College (Higher Secondary School), Barahaguda, Bargarh-6464
3033103Milita Gram Panchayat (Junior) College, Sarsara128--
3033104Nabajoyti (Junior) College, Chakarkend256--
3035101Padmashree Krutartha Acharya (Junior) Institute of Science, Chakarkend-96-
3033105Tora (Junior) College, Tora256--
3035102Vikash (Junior) College, Barahaguda-38464
3075101Bargarh Science Institute, Bargarh128128-
3072202Bargarh Women's (Junior) College, Bargarh25612864
3071101Panchayat (Junior) College, Bargarh256192128
3075102Rotary +2 (Junior) College, Bargarh-96-
3072101Trust Fund (Junior) College, Bargarh12864-
3043203Jagabandhu Das Women's (Junior) College, Kadalipali128--
3045101Maa Samaleswari College of Science & Technology, Barpali-128-
3043101Prof. Ghanshyam Das Gramanchal (Junior) College, Katapali128--
3043102Satalma (Junior) College, Satalma128--
3082101Barpali (Junior) College, Barpali25664-
3052101Dadhi Baman (Junior) College, Bhatli192128-
3053101Kamgaon (Junior) College, Kamgaon256128-
3053102Panchayat (Junior) College, Goudgaon128--
3062101Bheden Anchalika Kisan (Junior) College, Bheden12864-
3062102Pallishree (Junior) College, Chichinda128--
3062103Remunda (Junior) College, Remunda12864-
3063101Resham Anchalika (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Resham192--
3065101Saraswati (Junior) College, Sialkhandahatha192--
3092101Bijepur (Junior) College, Bijepur19264-
3093101Dora (Junior) College, Putukigrinjel128--
3095101Gourishankar Junior College, Laumunda128--
3095203Lalita Devi Junior Womens College, Katapali (Bijepur)128--
3093102Panchayat (Junior) College, Talpadar128--
3095102Radiance Institute of Advanced Studies, Bijepur128--
3102101Giridhari (Junior) College, Saradhapali128--
3104101Goutam Buddha (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Ganiapali160--
3105101Guderpali College, Guderpali128--
3102102Panchayat Samiti (Junior) College, Gaisilat192128-
3103101Talpali (Junior) College, Talpali192--
3113101Dava (Junior) College, Dava128--
3112101Panchayat Samiti (Junior) College, Jharbandh192--
3155101Jayadev Institute of Science & Technology, Padampur-128-
3152201Padampur Women's (Junior) College, Padampur19264-
3123101Lakhmara (Junior) College, Lakhmara192--
3122101Mandosil (Junior) College, Mandosil12896-
3124101Vindhya Vasini (Junior) College, Paikmal320128-
3132102Anchal (Junior) College, Padampur256128128
3135202Brundabati Junior Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sargibahal128--
3133101Buddhadev Meher (Junior) College, Dahita128--
3133102Jamla (Junior) College, Jamla192--
3132101Melchhamunda (Junior) Higher Secondary School, Melchhamunda128--
3135101Zenith Institute of Science & Technology, Padampur-128-
3142101Ghess (Junior) College, Ghess12832-
3142102Sohela (Junior) College, Sohela1286432
3145101Sri Ram Junior College, Sohela128--
4013203Kartik Malati Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Jagannathpur128--

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