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Jul 23, 2014

Balasore +2 Junior Colleges list with Seat Capacity

List of Junior Colleges in Balasore District of Odisha with total seat capacity including the seats available for Arts, Science,  as well as Commerce course streams is given below. These Colleges are listed under SAMS  DHEORISSA and ready for e-Admission by Online and Offline medium in the Year 2014 - 2015.

Junior Colleges in Balasore District, Odisha

Block/ULB NameCollege NameTOTALArtsScienceComm
KhairaAgani Narendra (Junior) College, Antara2561286464
NilgiriAjodhya Anchalika (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Ajodhya256192-64
BhograiAnandamayee Women's (Junior) College, Dahamunda128128--
OupadaBaba Panchalingeswar (Junior) College, Santaragadia19212864-
BahanagaBahanaga (Junior) College, Bahanaga25619264-
BhograiBaikunthanath (Junior) Institute of Higher Technical Studies, Kachuadi19212864-
SadarBalangi (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Sunahat32012812864
Balasore (MPL)Balasore (Junior) College, Sovarampur2561286464
RemunaBalasore Institute of Technical Studies, Nuasahi64--64
Balasore (MPL)Balasore Mahila College, Gopalgaon256256--
SimuliaBalikhanda (Junior) College, Balikhanda448192128128
BahanagaBelabhumi (Junior) College, Avana44825612864
NilgiriBerhampur (Junior) College, Raj-Berhampur19212864-
RemunaBhimeswar (Junior) College, Bhimeswar128128--
BhograiBhogarai Women's (Junior) College, Bhogarai128128--
Balasore (MPL)Biswa Bharati +2 Science Residential College, Balasore128-128-
SadarBraja Mohan Mahavidyalaya, Sartha19212864-
BhograiChandaneswar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Barbatia192192--
BhograiChandaneswar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Sahabazpur192128-64
BastaChintamani Jena Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Chhachina128128--
JaleswarDigambari Devi College of Science & Technology, Jaleswar96-96-
JaleswarDinakrushna (Junior) College, Jaleswar44825612864
KhairaDr. Hare Krishna Mahatab (Junior) College, Kupari44825612864
SadarDr. Jadunath (Junior) College, Rasalpur44825612864
BaliapalDurga Prasanna (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Langaleswar1286464-
RemunaEMMA International School of Fundamental Research, Biruan128-128-
Balasore (MPL)Fakir Mohan (Junior) College, Balasore1152384448320
SadarGolakmani Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Uitikiri128128--
BahanagaGopalpur (Junior) College, Gopalpur, Balasore3842566464
SimuliaGopaprana (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Khirakona128128--
Jaleswar (NAC)Jaleswar Womens (Junior) College, Jaleswar128128--
KhairaJambeswar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Garsang32012812864
RemunaJhadeswar +2 Science Residential College, Remuna256-256-
BaliapalJudhisthir (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kundali192192--
KhairaKamala Arjuna (Junior) College, Gandibed128128--
KhairaKhaira (Junior) College, Khaira512256128128
BahanagaKhantapara Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Khantapara128128--
BaliapalKrushna Chandra Pipili (Junior) College, Jagai3842566464
SoroKudei Women's (Junior) College, Kudei19212864-
SimuliaKuntala Kumari Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Bari128128--
Balasore (MPL)Kuntala Kumari Sabat Women's (Junior) College, Balasore288160128-
OupadaLaxmikanta Memorial Women's (Junior) College, Dakhini-Narasinghpur6464--
BastaLaxminarayan (Junior) College, Jamsuli384256128-
BaliapalLaxmipriya Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Baliapal6464--
BastaNabara Women's (Junior) College, Nabara128128--
RemunaNehru College of Basic Science, Kuruda128-128-
SadarNewtonian Institute of Science & Technology, Balasore128-128-
Nilgiri (NAC)Nilagiri (Junior) College, Nilagiri4162569664
Nilgiri (NAC)Nilagiri Women's (Junior) College, Nilagiri19212864-
SadarNilakantheswar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Bangara32012812864
SadarNilamani (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Rupsa32025664-
JaleswarOlamara Simanta (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Olamara6464--
OupadaOupada (Junior) College, Oupada128128--
OupadaPancha Lingeswar (Junior) College, Iswarpur128128--
KhairaPanchayat Samiti Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Nahanga128128--
SadarPradeep College of Science & Technology, Bagbrundban128-128-
Soro (NAC)Radhanath +2 Science Residential College, Badakhuri, Soro96-96-
RemunaRamamani College of Science & Technology, Tamulia128-128-
BastaRegional Institute of Science & Technology, Basta256-256-
RemunaRemuna (Junior) College, Remuna44825612864
Balasore (MPL)RJSMS Residential +2 Science & Commerce College, Tentulipura64--64
BhograiRural (Junior) Institute of Higher Studies, Bhogarai54425619296
JaleswarSadhu Charan (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Raibania192192--
Balasore (MPL)Sagar Science College, Balasore224-224-
SadarSand City College of Higher Education, Balasore Sadar64-64-
SadarSantilata (Junior) College, Uitikiri128128--
SoroSaraswata (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Anantapur44825664128
Balasore (MPL)Sastri Institute of Science & Technology, Balasore192-192-
BahanagaSatyanidhi Women's (Junior) College, Bishnupur128128--
SadarSatyasai +2 Science College, Balasore128-128-
Balasore (MPL)Sharpmind College of Commerce, Ajimabad128-6464
RemunaShri Jagannath (Junior) Educational Foundation, Barunsingh19212864-
Balasore (MPL)Siddhi Vinayak Residential +2 Science College, Motiganj192-192-
BastaSidheswar (Junior) College, Amardaroad51225619264
SimuliaSimulia (Junior) College, Markona512256128128
JaleswarSitala Thakurani (Junior) College, Khuluda25619264-
Soro (NAC)Soro Women's (Junior) College, Soro128128--
Jaleswar (NAC)Sri Jagannath Women's (Junior) College, Jaleswar128128--
Balasore (MPL)Sriman Science College, Rajabagicha128-128-
SoroSrinibas (Junior) College, Mangalpur41619296128
Soro (NAC)Sriram +2 Science Residential College, Soro64-64-
BaliapalSubarna Rekha (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Baliapal51225619264
Balasore (MPL)Sulagna Junior College, Mallikashpur192-192-
BhograiSurendranath (Junior) Institute of Higher Technical Studies, Kamarda384256128-
NilgiriSwarnachuda (Junior) College, Mitrapur25619264-
SoroTalanagar (Junior) College, Talanagar19212864-
Balasore (MPL)Talent Science College, Balasore64-64-
Soro (NAC)Upendra Nath (Junior) College, Soro704256256192
JaleswarUstab Charan Gajiani Chandi (Junior) College, Bartana128128--
BahanagaVijayanjali +2 Science Residential College, Kuruda128-128-
RemunaVikas Sadan +2 Science College, Nuapadhi64-64-
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