+3 Degree Colleges in Baragarh District with Seat Capacity

List of Degree Colleges in Bargarh District of Odisha with total seat capacity  including the seats available for Arts, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences as well as Commerce course streams is given below. These Colleges are listed under SAMS  DHEORISSA and ready for e-Admission by Online and Offline medium in the Year 2014 - 2015.
Block/ULB NameCollege NameTOTAL SEATSArtsPhy. ScBio. ScComm
Bargarh (MPL)Panchayat (Degree) College, Bargarh5282568064128
Barpali (NAC)Barpali College, Barpali4483209632-
RajborasambarAnchal (Degree) College, Padampur344192646424
AttabiraLarambha (Degree) College, Larambha2561286464-
Bargarh (MPL)Trust Fund (Degree) College, Bargarh2561286464-
AttabiraAttabira (Degree) College, Attabira2241286432-
SohellaSohela (Degree) College, Sohela224128323232
AttabiraAnchalik Degree College, Paharsirigida192128--64
BargarhVikash Degree College, Bargarh192-646464
Bargarh (MPL)Women's (Degree) College, Bargarh192192---
BhedenAnchalik Kisan (Degree) College, Bheden128128---
BijepurBijepur (Degree) College, Bijepur128128---
BhataliDadhi Baman (Degree) College, Bhatli128128---
SohellaGhess (Degree) College, Ghess128128---
BargarhKatapali (Degree) College, Katapali128128---
AmbabhonaMahatma Gandhi (Degree) College, Bhukta128128---
BhedenPallishree (Degree) College, Chichinda128128---
GaisiletPanchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Gaisilat128128---
JharbandhPanchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Jharbandh128128---
BhedenRemunda (Degree) College, Remunda128128---
BargarhTora (Degree) College, Tora128128---
PaikmalVindhya Vasini (Degree) College, Paikmal128128---
Padampur (NAC)Women's (Degree) College, Padampur128128---
RajborasambarJamla Degree College, Jamla9696---
BarpaliKatapali +3 College, Katapali (Barpali)9696---
PaikmalMandosil (Degree) College, Mandosil9696---
Padampur (NAC)Jayadev Institute of Science & Technology, Padampur64-3232-
BargarhSantha Kabi Bhima Bhoi Mahima +3 Mahavidyalaya, Chakarkend6464---
BhataliShakuntala Bidyadhar Women's Degree College, Kamgaon6464---