Dadhichi College of Pharmacy Cuttack Orissa

October 03, 2012

Dadhichi College of Pharmacy institute is located at Vidyavihar, Sundargram, which is at equidistance from both the constituents of Twin city, with Phulnakhara square standing half a way through from either side.It is connected upto Phulnakhara by N.H.-5 from both the sides, and state highway No 60 from Phulnakhara. It is 25 Kms. From both the cities, and at a distance of 12 Kms from Phulanakhara.
Dadhichi College of Pharmacy is a Dream come True, if one peeps into the sleepy serenity of its tranquil surroundings. If distance from dean, and bustle agitates ones Scholarship, then the ambience of Dadhichi is a Silent Systemic Stimulator. 
Dadhichi College of Pharmacy Cuttack Orissa
Established during 2005 it is yet to cross the third milestone in its long journey ahead. The pragmatic vision of the New Management have breathed a fresh lease of life into the College of Pharmacy, to arrest the down slide in the path of decadence. Their missionary zeal, and catholicity of purpose have not only prevented the damage, but have put it on an accelerated growth, path. Induction of New Principal, New Faculties, with New Strategies for sustainable growth the Institute is geared up to scale New heights, and attain the ultimate with ease and élan. It is poised to make a mark, and carry a stamp of Excellence soon, with a logically engineered Blue print of progress.

Contact Address
Dadhichi College of Pharmacy
Vidya-Vihar, Sundargram,
Cuttack-754 002
Tel: (0671) 2856082/83
FaxL0674) 2544012

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