Saheed Memorial College Eram Bhadrak

May 09, 2012

About Saheed Memorial College Eram Bhadrak

Raktatirtha Iram, the great land, is reckoned to be the best & second after Jaliwanbag. The people of the land have proved to be great patriots, poets, philosophers, visionaries, states man alike one of them is popular national poet (Jatiyakabi) Banchhanidhi Mohanty, whose poetic skill & fighter, penreally proved stronger than the sharpener sword of the tyrannical British.
     The patriot of the land got more united to the causeof freedom struggle particularly in the matter of unity and integrity of the nation, got more pledged to the call of Mahatma Gandhi in 1942 for making Quit India Movements a success. On the fateful day, 28the Sept'1942, the peace loving fighters with Ahinsa as their weapon, gathered at Eram under the sacred mango tree (The Mela Amba Gachha) to take further proceeding in the matter of Nation building but all of a sudden without any provocation, the whimsical British Police came out with their roaring guns where 29 people succumbed to the bullets of this brutal act of corrupt British Police who fired from a The terrace of Padhi Abas which still exists today. In the very memory of these great and selfless freedom fighters, the people and some live freedom fighters desired to give shape to this command able deeds to further groom as a man making institution to make human resource more strong and boosted.
     So here comes the brainchild of those great statesman, Saheed Memorial College at Eram in 1983, Basudevpur, Bhadrak. It is situated at a big patch of land called Badheipada which lovely pictures landscape of about more than 100 acres of land, surrounded by two beautiful perennial rivers, Gambhei and Kansbansa. The college has got its own campus on 10 acres of land. This +2 college having +2 Arts and Science, has been reigning with full pride and glory having 43 teaching and non-teaching staffs. The institution is marching ahead to open more branches and optional subjects and desires to have +3 with a separate campus adjacent to its campus for which the efforts of the college and its people are on.

THE PRINCIPAL K.C. Behera, Principal
Contact Number:9777556982

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Mr. K.C. Behera, Lect. in History & Principal I/C-cum-Secretary
Contact Number:9777556982

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Mr. D. Mallick, Lecturer in Economics
Contact Number:9937596951

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