Sahaspur College,Balichandrapur Jajpur

May 09, 2012

About Sahaspur College,Balichandrapur Jajpur

Sahaspur College is situated at Balichandrapur in the district jajpur, which is very adjacent to the N.H (A) landing from Chandikhol to Paradip. This College was established in 1978 and received 1st got concordance in University affiliation vide got letter no-3738 (3) date 29-1-1980 and Utkal University order no-13803, date 16.8.1980. It is a degree college having +2 Science and +2 Arts. This College is registered under 2f & 12B of UGC in the year 2007. The very place is an area which has rich cultural heritage for famous historical sides of the Buddhist monuments at Udaygiri and Lalitagiri. Besides historical glory the great cultural masters like Parusam bihari, Santha Arakhita Das, Artist B Brahma. Peoples poet Baisnab Pani and Palli Kabi Nanda Kishor were born in this area. And made a great spiritual and cultural contribution to this of Odisha.
     Standing in the center of the past culture, this college impactive education to the boys and girls very sincerely since 1978 till now. This college adopts UGC course pattern of utkal university having honors teaching facilities in history, Political Science, Economics, Education & Sociology.

THE PRINCIPAL Md. Ohid Ali, Principal
Contact Number:8763269346

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Md. Ohid Ali, Principal
Contact Number:9861324195

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Mr. Sadananda Rout, Reader in History
Contact Number:9777346300

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