Reamal Junior College Reamal Deogarh

May 07, 2012

About Reamal Junior College Reamal Deogarh

Our crest gives a symbolic interpretation of the line written at its base "Bidya sada Vijayate" means "Education triumphs over everywhere" The name of the College is inscribed at the top.
     The burning lamp, the book represents wisdom and enlightenment gained through education. The lyre and the fief of wheat represent a sense of aestheticism and progress. On the other hand the wheel of 'Ashok Chakra' symbolizes peace and harmony through education. The year of establishment of the College is inscribed at the bottom of the crest.
The main objective of this institution is to disseminate knowledge to the students in different fields. Simultaneously this institution also aims at the overall development of the students; physical, mental and moral Games and Sports are also an integral part of this institution which inspires the students to be physically fit. There are also many societies and associations related to social service and cultural programmes.

THE PRINCIPAL Nihara Kanta Mohanty, Lect. in English  Principal 
Contact Number:9938183187

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Niharkanta Mohanty, Principal
Contact Number:9938183187

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sri Niharakanta Mohanty, Principal In Charge
Contact Number:9938183187

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