Kandakhai Junior College of Science & Arts Kandakhai Puri

May 10, 2012

About  Kandakhai Junior College of Science & Arts, Kandakhai, Puri
Established in 1988 as Kandakhai College of Sc & Arts, Kandakhai situated at Kandakhai in the District of  Puri and strives hard for excellence in its way to fulfill its goal and mission since then. From of small student strength of 192 in 1988 the college has made rapid strides over the periods of tone, catering to the needs of about 224 students. It provides teaching facility in 11 subjects at under +2 level (Arts & Science)

THE PRINCIPAL Sri Nilakantha Tripathy  - Principal  Lect. in Odia
Contact Number:9861854145

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Sri Nilakantha Tripathy  - Principal  Lect. in Odia
Contact Number: 9861854145

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