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May 2, 2012

Higher Secondary College Baulasahi Nayagarh

About  Higher Secondary College, Baulasahi, Nayagarh

 Higher Secondary College, Baulasahi, Baulasahi, Nayagarh is a leading Educational Institution in the district having its establishment in the year 1990. Now the college is Non-Govt. Aided(Block Grant) Educational institution under the State Govt. enjoying the financial benefits for its employees, appointed by a private body called the Governing Body or the Managing Committee. The basis function of the institution is to import teaching to both +2 Level-Education in Arts and Science stream.

THE PRINCIPAL Sri Pravat Kumar Jena - Principal
Contact Number:9178018922

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Sri Pravat Kumar Jena - Principal
Contact Number: :  9178018922

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Dr. Umesh Kumar Maharana - Lecturer in Sanskrit
Contact Number:9437304608

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