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Apr 30, 2012

Solapada Junior Mahavidyalaya Thakur Garh Angul

About Solapada Junior Mahavidyalaya Thakur Garh Angul

Solapada Junior Mahavidyalaya was established in 1989 with a motto to provide higher education basically to the young ambitious poor tribal students of Solapada-a Pragana out of four Praganas namely Painckul, Chaursi, Solapada and Baisipalli during the reign of King Kishore Chandra Deo-thus justifying the name itself. It emerged with a substantial mental and monetary effort of the local people and some generous minds as well. A new sun rose in the horizon of Education for all the poor youngsters of Solapada-a large area consisting of 10 Panchayats-who were unable to get higher education going to Athmallik or Boinda due to natural barriers.
     To impart education to girls as well as boys, co-education has been introduced since the establishment of the college. The college with 128 sanctioned students strength has been providing education in Arts Stream with six(06) affiliated optional subjects along with two  compulsory subjects namely English, MIL(O), Pol.Sc. History, Economics, Sociology, Education, & Odia. With a cluster of 06 teaching staff and 07 non teaching staff, the college is functioning in its own building located at Thakurgarh in a sprawling 10 acres of land on the main road to Athmallik from Boinda.
     It is noteworthy that the college has been declared as an aided institution since 2010 vide Govt. order 2008 with the Sub-Collector, Athmallik as the President and the Principal as the Principal-Cum-Secretary of the Governing Body, prior to that, the college has already got permanent recognition and affiliation from the session 2003-04. This year the college completed its 22nd year with the present strength of 256 students out of which 70% belong to SC & ST category.
     Overcoming so many obstacles over the years, it is striving to be an ideal institution fulfilling the long cherished dreams of the founders. In its growing stage, assurance and assistance are solicited from the poorest of the poor and the rich ones, the generous and eminent persons and above all the students and  their guardians to make this college a full-fledged Institution.

THE PRINCIPAL Sri Niranjan Kanta Pradhan, Principal-cum-Secy. & Lect. in Odia
Contact Number:06763259023

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Sri Prassana Kumar Moharana, Lect. in English
Contact Number:06763259023

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sri Santosh Kumar Pradhan, Lect. in History
Contact Number:06763 259023

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