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Apr 16, 2012

Parbati Giri Junior College Mahulpali Sambalpur

About Parbati Giri Junior College, Mahulpali, Sambalpur

Parbati Giri Junior College, Mahulpali, had been established on the 2nd of oct.1991 along N.H.55 (formerly N.H 42) at-Mahulpali (Phuljharan) Jujomura Block of Sambalpur District. Ever since the date of its inception the college has serving the educational needs of the underpreviledged class of people at a very marginal price. presently the college has its own campus with all basic amenities available to provide quality education to the poor students of its locality which includes a large no. of tribal's. Besides its has its own past glory in empowering rural girls through higher education who would have otherwise found it to be a distant dream. In addition to this many an orphan of Dr. Issac Santra Bal Niketan, Mahulpali have been provide free education. The college is permanently recognized by Government of Odisha and also permanently affiliated to Council of higher secondary education, Odisha.
     This is a co-educational +2 Arts institute with 128 seats.
    This year the college completed 20 years. The present student strength of the college is 256 with 6 teaching and 5 non-teaching staff members. Though the college is in its growing stage it has gone a long way with the help of generous donors who have been donating time and again for survival of the institution.
    Let us work hard by which the institution will be able to create a milestone in the field of education by catering to the all round needs of the society.

THE PRINCIPAL Purna Chandra Pradhan, Principal Lect. In Education

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Dr. Saroja Kumar Panda, Lect. In Hist.
Contact Number:9437880601

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Ashok Kumar Mishra, Lect. in Economics
Contact Number:9853314966

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