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Apr 25, 2012

Dora Junior College, Putukigrinjel, Bargarh

About Dora Junior College, Putukigrinjel, Bargarh

Established in 1997 as Dora Junior college, Putukigrinjel situated in the Bijepur Block in the District of Bargarh for catering to the need of Higher Education and achieving excellence in various walks of life.The college has been functioning as an Aided ( 40% Block grant Aided College )and managed and Controlled by statutory & non statutory bodies as prescribed by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha.

For Details on College One can Contact the Following Authorities
First Appellate Authority (FAA):

THE PRINCIPAL :Sri Jagadish Bhoi - Principal (I/C) Lect. In Odia
Contact Number:9937117059

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sri Chittaranjan Saha - PET
Contact Number:9938949716

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