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Apr 14, 2012

Bijayananda Panchayat Junior College, Tulapada, Kalahandi

About Bijayananda Panchayat Junior College, Tulapada, Kalahandi

The College started as Bijayananda Panchayat College,Tulapada Kalahandi  From 24th July 1994 and continued as a private college till date 04.08.2011. It was taken over 40% Block Grant by the Government of Odisha on dt. 05.08.2011. It was then renamed as Bijayananda Panchayat (Junior) college,Tulapada in the District of Kalahandi.

For Details on College One can Contact the Following Authorities

First Appellate Authority (FAA):

THE PRINCIPAL Sri Sushil Senapati - Principal (I/C)-cum-Lect. In Pol. Sc.
Contact Number: :06676 252064, 9938612029,8895338366
email -

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sj. Bijay Ku. Bhoi - Lect. In History
Contact Number:06676 252064, 9178820425

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