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Apr 12, 2012

Banki Autonomous College, Banki, Cuttack

About Banki Autonomous College

Nestled in a magnificently panoramic landscape of lush corn fields and luxuriant greenery in the culturally opulent and historically vibrant ambience of Banki, the ancient Banki, Banki College (Autonomous) embodies the lofty and long cherished longings and sublime aspirations of its far-sighted founders for lighting up the lives of the locality with the effulgence of quality & value based integral education.

First Appellate Authority (FAA):

THE PRINCIPAL Capt. Benudhar Lenka 
Contact Number:0671 240221

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sri Jugal Kishore Mandal - Lect. In Commerce
Contact Number: 0671 240221

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