Balimela College of Science and Technology, Balimela, Malkangiri

April 12, 2012

About Balimela College of Science and Technology, College

Balimela College of Science & Technology was found on 01/07/1981 under the munificent patronage of Sri Radhanath Mohapatra, the then Executive Engineer (Design), Balimela Hydro Electric Circle, Balimela his active colleagues, the local people and the workers of Electricity Board & Potteru Irrigation Project. The College went on growing in it strength in all directions under the continuous and active guidance of Sri N.K Mohapatra, Project Engineer, M/S O.C.C Limited, Sri N.K Sahu, the then Executive Engineer, Maintenance Division, Sri Rabinarayan Pati, the then Executive Engineer, Potteru Irrigation Division, Balimela.

During the following years the college went through many ups and downs. But the Managing Committee led by Engineers like Sri N.K Mohapatra, Sri N.K Sahu and Sri R.N Pati fought bravely putting their best efforts into it. All these efforts borne fruit and a new glorious chapter in the history of the College started when the Govt. of Odisha accorded final concurrence for opening of +3 Science (Degree) from the session 1986-87.

The College entered into yet another era of its history in the year 1989 when it received Grant -in-Aid from the Dept. Of Higher Education, Government of Orissa. The part played by Sri K.M Pattnaik, Chief Engineer ,Potteru Irrigation Project, Sri Bhagirathi Das ,Superintending Engineer, B.H.E Circle, Sri Bharat Pradhan Secretary, College committee and Pro f. Major R.C Pattnaik, Principal, in this connection will be gratefully remembered by the future generations of teachers and students.

The concurrence accorded by the Govt for opening of +3 Degree in Arts and Physics Honours in +3 Science from the session 1990-1991 have further added to the expansion of the College.

The college came under direct payment from June 1988. At present the college enjoys the distinction of being the only college in the Malkangiri District imparting teaching in all the three streams such as Science, Arts & Commerce at +2 level & Science & Arts at Degree level & affiliated to Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha Bhubaneswar & Berhampur University respectively.

It takes the pride of being the only Degree Science College of the Dist - Malkangiri. The college imparts Hons teaching in the department of Physics, Chemistry, and Political Science at present and applied to the Govt to Open Hons teaching in the department of Botany, History & Oriya, from the coming Session 2012-13 & also to open +3 commerce stream from the session 2012-13.

The College with its present academic prospects and reputation looks forward for a glorious future.

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