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Apr 6, 2012

Agarapara College, Agarapara, Bhadrak

The History of Agarpara College, Agarpara Bhadrak Orissa is an Account of the triumph of Popular will and Local initiative. Agarapara College was established in the Year 1980 by the people of Agarpara. It is located in Bonth Block of Bhadrak district & about 25KMs away from the District Headquarter. It extents teaching facilities in humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and information technology. The main objective of this institution is to disseminate knowledge to the students in different fields. As it is an institution of rural, base, it helps to impart higher education to the poor and down trodden living far away from the national and state mainstream.

For Details on College One can Contact the Following Authorities

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
The Principa
 Dr. Madan Mohan Sahoo
Office No -06784 262727
Mobile No - 7873598335
e-mail -

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Janardan Ojha - Lect. in Pol. Sc.
Office No -06784 262727
Mobile No- 9439555221
e-mail- plagarparacollege@gmailcom
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