Professional Law Colleges in Khurda District

February 21, 2012

Block Name Name of College Location Code
Bhubaneswar ASBM Institute of BBA Bhubaneswar 19035802
Bhubaneswar Asian School of Business Management Bhubaneswar 19035801
Bhubaneswar Inter Science (Degree) College Bhubaneswar 19035803
Bhubaneswar (MC) Acadamy of Management & Information & Technology Bapujinagar 19055801
Bhubaneswar (MC) Academy of Management & Information & Technology Bapujinagar 19055891
Bhubaneswar (MC) Apex Institute of Technology & Management Forest Park 19055802
Bhubaneswar (MC) Arya School of Management & Information & Technology Kharvelnagar 19055803
Bhubaneswar (MC) B.R.M. Law College Madhukunja 19055892
Bhubaneswar (MC) Bhubaneswar College of Computer Science & Technology Nayapalli 19055804
Bhubaneswar (MC) Biju Pattanaik Computer Acadamy Bamikhal 19055805
Bhubaneswar (MC) Biju Pattnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies Mancheswar 19055806
Bhubaneswar (MC) BRM Institute of Management & Information & Technology Station Square 19055807
Bhubaneswar (MC) Capital Computer College Forest Park 19055808
Bhubaneswar (MC) Capital Law College Bhubaneswar 19055893
Bhubaneswar (MC) Centre for Bio-Technology & Environment Rasulgarh 19055809
Bhubaneswar (MC) College of Insurance & Banking Chandrasekharpur 19055810
Bhubaneswar (MC) D.A.V. School of Business Management Bhubaneswar 19055811
Bhubaneswar (MC) Fortune Forex Acadamy of Management & Engineerng School Chandaka 19055812
Bhubaneswar (MC) Gandhi Institute of Bio-Logical Science Nayapalli 19055813
Bhubaneswar (MC) Ganesh Institute of Engineering & Technology Ekamravihar 19055814
Bhubaneswar (MC) Global Institution of Management Hanspal 19055815
Bhubaneswar (MC) Hi-Tect Medical College & Hospital Hanspal 19055816
Bhubaneswar (MC) Institute of Engineering & Technology Hanspal 19055817
Bhubaneswar (MC) Institute of Management Rasulgarh 19055819
Bhubaneswar (MC) Institute of Management & Advanced Global Excellence Rasulgarh 19055818
Bhubaneswar (MC) Institute of Media Studies Kharvel Nagar 19055820
Bhubaneswar (MC) Jagajivam Ram Law College Chintamaniswar 19055894
Bhubaneswar (MC) Jayadev Centre for Bio-Science Nayapalli 19055821
Bhubaneswar (MC) Kalinga Inst. of Engineering & Management Studies Mancheswar 19055823
Bhubaneswar (MC) Kalinga Inst. Of Management & Technology Bhubaneswar 19055824
Bhubaneswar (MC) Kalinga Institute for Social Science KIIT Campus 19055822
Bhubaneswar (MC) Kalinga Law College Brahmeswarpatna 19055895
Bhubaneswar (MC) Kaustav School of Bio-Technology Patia 19055825
Bhubaneswar (MC) Mind Mart Institute of Information & Technology & Management Saheednagar 19055826
Bhubaneswar (MC) MITS School of Bio-Technology Chandaka 19055827
Bhubaneswar (MC) Mothers Business School Bhubaneswar 19055828
Bhubaneswar (MC) Neelachakra Institute of Management and Technology Nayapalli 19055829
Bhubaneswar (MC) Neelachal Institute of Medical Science Bhubaneswar 19055830
Bhubaneswar (MC) Nehru Institute of Information Science Maitri Vihar 19055831
Bhubaneswar (MC) NIIS Institute of Information Science & Technology Mancheswar 19055832
Bhubaneswar (MC) Orissa College of Engineering Management Saheednagar 19055833
Bhubaneswar (MC) Partham Institute of Technical Studies Rasulgarh 19055834
Bhubaneswar (MC) Pentagaon Computer Academy Chandrasekharpur 19055835
Bhubaneswar (MC) Regional College of Bio-Engineering & Management Kesora 19055836
Bhubaneswar (MC) Regional College of Engineering & Management Mancheswar 19055837
Bhubaneswar (MC) Regional College of Higher Studies Palasuni 19055838
Bhubaneswar (MC) Resham Business School Pahal 19055839
Bhubaneswar (MC) Royal School of Management & Technology Mancheswar 19055840
Bhubaneswar (MC) Royal School of Management & Technology Mancheswar 19055896
Bhubaneswar (MC) Satyananda Institute Of Management & Information & Technology Bhubaneswar 19055842
Bhubaneswar (MC) Silcon Valley Computer Education Saheednagar 19055843
Bhubaneswar (MC) Sri Ram College Satyanagar 19055841
Bhubaneswar (MC) Star College of Engineering & Management Forest Park 19055844
Bhubaneswar (MC) Trident Acadamy of Creative Technology Chandaka 19055845
Bhubaneswar (MC) University Law College,Vani Vihar Bhubaneswar 19051305
Bhubaneswar (MC) Vasudha Institute for Development Works, Training & Rehabilitation Forest Park 19055846
Bhubaneswar (MC) Vivekananda Institute Of Social Science Bapujinagar 19055847
Jatni (MPL) Sophitorium Institute Of Technology & Life Skins Jatni 19065801
Khordha (MPL) College of Business Management Khurdha 19155801

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