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Mo Bus Bhubaneswar Rate-Fare Chart

Passes“MO BUS Card” are efforts from the CRUT to increase the public transport ridership. The card will be will enable citizens of Bhubaneswar to travel unlimited in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri. The Card allows citizen to travel on any time, any route, between any points.
Type of Bus PassNAC ServicesDaily City Pass (valid for a Single Day)40.00Three Days City Pass (valid for 3 days)80.00Weekly City Pass (valid for 7 days)160.00Fortnightly City Pass (valid for 15 days)320.00Monthly City Pass (valid for 30 days)600.00Quarterly City Pass (valid for 90 days)1600.00Half Yearly City Pass (valid for 180 days)3000.00Yearly City Pass (valid for 365 days)5000.00Daily Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for a Single Day)80.00Three Days Inter-City Pass (valid for 3 days)160.00Weekly Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for 7 days)320.00Fortnightly Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for 15 days)640.00Monthly Inter-City Pass/ Magic Pass (valid for 30 days)1200.00Quarterly Inter-City Pass (valid…