Sambalpur +2 Junior Colleges List With Seat Capacity 2018

May 30, 2018

DHE Odisha, SAMS Academic year 2018 - 2019 list of +2 Junior Colleges in Sambalpur District of Odisha with seat capacity in Arts, Science as well at Commerce stream are listed below. The following Colleges are ready for Online e-Admission for the Academic Year 2018 - 2019.
Sambalpur District +2 Junior Colleges List
Sambalpur District +2 Junior Colleges List 

+2 Junior Collages list in Sambalpur District, Odisha

SAMS CodeCollege NameArtsScienceCommerce
28013102Prabhu Dayal Rural (Junior) College, Kesaibahal192128-
28012101Trust Fund (Junior) College, Bamra1286464
28122101Burla N.A.C. (Junior) College, Burla12812896
28126101Jyoti Vihar (Junior) College, Jyoti Vihar64128-
28085102AIMS College of +2 Science, Pardhiapali-256-
28083103D.P.A. (Junior) College, Sason128--
28085104Gayatri College of Science & Technology, Sambalpur-128-
28083101Jai Durga (Junior) College, Padiabahal160--
28083104Saraswat (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Godbhaga128--
28085106Seven Hills Junior College, Pardhiapali-128128
28085105Shree Aditya Junior College, Bhalubahal, Sason-6464
28083105V.S.S. (Junior) Institute of Science, Dhankauda-192-
28085101Vikash (Junior) College, Sambalpur-19264
28132101Hirakud (Junior) College, Hirakud128-128
28023101B.R.G.(Junior) College, Bhojpur160--
28023102Fashimal Anchalik (Junior) College, Fashimal128128-
28022103Jamankira College, Jamankira25612864
28092101Dr. J.K. Sahu (Junior) College, Parmanpur1926464
28093101Parbati Giri (Junior) Arts College, Mahulpali192--
28094101V.S.S. (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Jujomura192--
28032101Gokul Parvati Rural (Junior) College, Kuntara19296-
28036101Government (SSD) Higher Secondary School, Ardabahal-128-
28033101Kutrachuan (Junior) College, Kutrachuan128--
28033102Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Tribal (Junior) College, Kalheipali128--
28042101Kuchinda (Junior) College, Kuchinda25612864
28043201Kuchinda Women's (Junior) College, Kuchinda128--
28104101D.P.A. (Junior) College, Mura128--
28108101Maa Jhadeswari (Junior) College, Dhama25696-
28103102Mandhata Baba (Junior) College, Maneswar160--
28053101Batgaon (Junior) College, Batgaon128--
28053102Kisinda (Junior) College, Kisinda128--
28052101Naktideul (Junior) College, Naktideul192128-
28065101Charmal (Junior) College, Charmal128-32
28063104Jai Jagannath (Junior) College, R.Badmal160--
28072101Bhim Bhoi (Junior) College, Rairakhol144144-
28075101Gurukul College of +2 Science, Madhabdham, Chatuni, Rairakhol-128-
28073201Rairakhol Women's (Junior) College, Rairakhol19264-
28112101Dutika Sahu (Junior) College, Laida192128-
28111101Netaji Subash Chandra Bose (Junior) College, Sambalpur160128128
28115101Newton College of Science, Majhipali-320-
28112102Surajmal (Junior) College, Rampella1926464
28145110Apprize +2 Science College (Higher Secondary School), Ainthapali, Sambalpur-64-
28141101Gangadhar Meher (Junior) College, Sambalpur512288320
28141202Government Women's (Junior) College, Sambalpur22416064
28144101R.K.D.T.H.S. (Junior) School, Sambalpur128--
28143101Samaleswari (Junior) College, Sambalpur128--
28145105Sambalpur (Junior) Science College, Sankarma Road, Sambalpur-64-
28145104Sandilya College of Science & Commerce, Ainthapalli-12864
28145101Sri Aurobindo Institute of Integral Education & Research, Sambalpur-9664
28145103Vedic Science College, Ainthapalli6425664
29033204Bausuni Womens (Junior) College, Bausuni128--

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