Khurda +3 College SAMS List Dheodisha list

List of SAMS +3 Degree Colleges in  Khurda with Online and Offline e-Admission form Submission. Please Do check the Last dates of Online and Offline CAF (Common Application Form) before reaching the SAMS center.

It is highly recommended for the Students , who are willing to get admission into the +3 Degree Colleges in Khurda District of Odisha, that they should apply for at-least 2-3 Colleges under the Preferences given in the Form, as well as check out the Cut Off Marks of Last year for better chances of Admission. Check Out the Cut Off Marks and the College Details thoroughly before Filing up the Application Form.

Note : The highlighted college names are identified as new SRCs for this Session

Sl#College CodeDistrict NameBlock/ULB NameCollege Name
119013304KhurdaBaliantaPratap Sasan (Degree) College, Balakati
219013305KhurdaBaliantaSri Baneswar (Degree) College, Bentapur
319022302KhurdaBalipatnaSishu Ananta (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Balipatna
419032302KhurdaBhubaneswarKunja Bihari (Degree) College, Baranga
519051304KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Rajdhani (Degree) College, Bhubaneswar
619051905KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar (Autonomous) College, Bhubaneswar
719051906KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Rama Devi Women's (Autonomous) College, Bhubaneswar
819052314KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Deb Ray (Degree) College, Nayapalli
919052410KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Sri Satya Sai (Degree) College for Women, Pokhriput
1019052417KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Kamala Nehru Women's (Degree) College, Bhubaneswar
1119053323KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Biju Pattnaik (Degree) College of Science & Education, Jayadev Vihar
1219054329KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Maharishi (Degree) College of Natural Law, Bhubaneswar
1319056370KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Basic Science & Humanities (Degree) College, Bhubaneswar
1419058324KhurdaBhubaneswar (MC)Raja Madhusudan Dev (Degree) College of Science & Education, Patia
1519062302KhurdaJatni (MPL)Jatani (Degree) College, Jatani
1619072302KhurdaBanapurNachuni (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Nachuni
1719082304KhurdaBeguniaBegunia (Degree) College, Begunia
1819084309KhurdaBeguniaRama Mani (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Kantabada
1919093306KhurdaBolgarhRaghunath (Degree) College, Deuli
2019094301KhurdaBolgarhParama Nanda (Degree) College, Bolagarh
2119122304KhurdaTangiKshetrabasi Dayananda Anglovedic (Degree) College, Nirakarpur
2219123307KhurdaTangiDurga Charan Chilika (Degree) College, Tangi
2319123308KhurdaTangiJanata (Degree) College, Kuhudi
2419134302KhurdaBalugaon (NAC)Balugaon (Degree) College, Balugaon
2519142301KhurdaBanapur (NAC)Godavarish (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Banapur
2619152403KhurdaKhordha (MPL)Women's (Degree) College, Khurda
2719152904KhurdaKhordha (MPL)Prananath (Autonomous) College, Khurda