Ganjam +3 SAMS Resource Center List

List of SAMS +3 Degree Colleges in  Ganjam with Online and Offline e-Admission form Submission. Please Do check the Last dates of Online and Offline CAF (Common Application Form) before reaching the SAMS center.

It is highly recommended for the Students , who are willing to get admission into the +3 Degree Colleges in Odisha, that they should apply for at-least 2-3 Colleges under the Preferences given in the Form, as well as check out the Cut Off Marks of Last year for better chances of Admission. Check Out the Cut Off Marks and the College Details thoroughly before Filing up the Application Form

Note : The highlighted college names are identified as new SRCs for this Session

Sl#College CodeDistrict NameBlock/ULB NameCollege Name
111024307GanjamDigapahandiKhemundi (Degree) College, Digapahandi
211033305GanjamKukudakhandiScience (Degree) College, Kukudakhandi
311043303GanjamPatrapurSri Bharatpati (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Samantiapali
411058304GanjamRangeilundaRama Narayan (Degree) College, Dura
511064305GanjamSanakhemundiScience (Degree) College, Konkorada
611071304GanjamBerhampur (MPL)Binayak Acharya (Degree) College, Aska Road
711071905GanjamBerhampur (MPL)Khallikote (Autonomous) College, Berhampur
811071906GanjamBerhampur (MPL)Sashi Bhusan Rath Government (Autonomous) Women's College, Berhampur
911074313GanjamBerhampur (MPL)City (Degree) College, Berhampur
1011084302GanjamChikiti (NAC)Chikiti (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Chikiti
1111104302GanjamGopalapur (NAC)Gopalpur (Degree) College, Gopalpur, Ganjam
1211112304GanjamAskaAska Science (Degree) College, Aska
1311114305GanjamAskaNimina Brundaban Chandra (Degree) College, Kendupadar
1411128304GanjamBellagunthaAnchalika (Degree) Science College, Kshetriyabarapur
1511148303GanjamBugudaAnchalika Science (Degree) College, Ballipadar
1611168303GanjamJaganathprasadAnchalika (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Jagannathprasad
1711178303GanjamSheragadaUdaya Pratap Science (Degree) College, Sheragada
1811191401GanjamAska (NAC)Niranjan Government (Degree) Women's College, Aska
1911212303GanjamBhanjanagar (NAC)Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja (Degree) College, Bhanjanagar
2011224303GanjamBuguda (NAC)People's (Degree) College, Buguda
2111238302GanjamSurada (NAC)Rushikulya (Degree) College, Surada
2211248302GanjamChatrapurKhetra Mohan Science (Degree) College, Narendrapur
2311321302GanjamChatrapur (NAC)Government Science (Degree) College, Chhatrapur
2411332302GanjamGanjam (NAC)Ganjam (Degree) College, Ganjam
2511342302GanjamHinjilicut (NAC)Science (Degree) College, Hinjilicut
2611354303GanjamKabisuryanagar (NAC)Kabisurya Baladev Vigyan (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Kabisuryanagar
2711362302GanjamKhallikote (NAC)R.C.M. Science (Degree) College, Khallikote
2811372302GanjamKodala (NAC)Laxminarayan Degree College, Kodala
2911384303GanjamPolasara (NAC)Polasara Science (Degree) College, Polosara
3011392302GanjamPurusotampur (NAC)Tara Tarini (Degree) College, Purusottampur