+2 Junior Colleges in Rayagada District 2015

June 03, 2015

List of +2 Colleges (Junior) in Rayagada District of Odisha with there Seat Capacity according to Arts, Science and Commerce Streams.

College CodeCollege NameArtsScienceCommerce
27058102Ambodala Samant (Junior) College, Ambadola128--
27103102Devagiri (Junior) College,Kalyansinghpur128--
27048103Dr. B.R.N. (Junior) College, Dombosora128--
27072101Droupadi (Junior) College, Gumuda12864-
27136104Eklavya Model (Junior) Residential School, Siriguda-66-
27056107Government (SSD) Higher Secondary School, Ambodala-64-
27126101Government (SSD) Higher Secondary School, Kailashpur-12896
27106101Government (SSD) Higher Secondary School, Siripur-64-
27116102Government Higher Secondary School, Dongasil-64-
27042101Gunupur (Junior) College, Gunupur256160-
27135105JITM +2 Science Residential College, Rayagada-128-
27132101Lakshmipati Singania (Junior) Higher Secondary School, Jaykaypur64-64
27012101Maa Markama (Junior) College, Bisam Cuttack12864-
27045107Maharshi Gurukul +2 Science College, Gunupur-96-
27118101Manikeswari Adivasi (Junior) College, Kashipur64--
27052101Muniguda (Junior) College, Gobardhana128--
27068101R.G. (Junior) College, Padmapur192128-
27142101Rayagada (Junior) College, Rayagada224256256
27142202Rayagada Women's (Junior) College, Rayagada256128-
27055105Royal Science College, Muniguda-128-
27065102Sainath Junior Science College, Padmapur-96-
27032101Science (Junior) College, Gudari9264-
27145105Sri Bharati College, Devodal-12864
27145106Swami Vivekananda Residential College, Rayagada-6464
27048204Thyarama (Junior) Women's College, Gunupur128--
27138102Ugratara (Junior) Higher Secondary School, Komtalpeta64-64

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