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+2 Junior Colleges in Khurdha District 2015

List of +2 Colleges (Junior) in Khurdha District of Odisha with there Seat Capacity according to Arts, Science and Commerce Streams.

College CodeCollege NameArtsScienceCommerce
19085112+2 Junior College, Siko64--
19052107Acharya Harihar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Patia12812864
19055131Adyant +2 Science College, Chandrasekhar Pur-192-
19035115Albert Einstein Academy +2 Science Residential College, Kalarahanga-128-
19053119Ambedkar Centenary (Junior) College of Education & Technology, Dumduma6464-
19055174Aspire +2 Science College, Bhubaneswar-128-
19035106B.N. International College, Tamando-12864
19065104Baba Residential College, Jatani-128-
19132101Balugaon (Junior) College, Balugaon256128-
19028103Banamalipur (Junior) College, Banamalipur12864-
19056169Basic Science & Humanities (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar-384-
19043101Bauri Bandhu (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Chhatabar1286464
19082101Begunia (Junior) College, Begunia19264-
19055176Bhagya College of Science & Technology, Bhubaneswar-128-
19055134Bhubaneswar College of Computer Science & Technology, Bhubaneswar-19264
19054128Biju Pattnaik (Junior) College of Science & Education, Bhubaneswar256256128
19035110Biswajit Memorial Science College, Sankarpur-128-
19051101Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar512544192
19055177Chanakya +2 Science Residential College, Bhubaneswar-128-
19038103Chandaka (Junior) College, Chandaka64--
19053222City Women's (Junior) College, Siripur25664-
19052108Deb Ray Nayapalli (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar256128128
19055178Dibyajyoti +2 College, Bhubaneswar-128-
19055179Draupadi College of Science & Commerce, Bhubaneswar-128-
19122101Durga Charan Chilika (Junior) College, Tangi25664-
19066105E.Co. Railway Mixed Higher Secondary School, Khurda Road64--
19015107EAST +2 Science College, Phulnakhara-128-
19052109Ekamra (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar256128128
19055199FAME Science College, Patia-128-
19055114FIITJEE (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar-64-
19035118Gandhi +2 Science College, Koradakanta, Bhubaneswar-64-
19055171Ganesh Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ekamravihar-128-
19055136Gaurav College of Commerce, Management and Science, Bhubaneswar-12848
19055137Gayatri Science College, Samantarapur-256-
19055280Gayatri Women's College, Nuagaon-256-
19142101Godavarish (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Banapur25625664
19015106Gopabandhu Science College-64-
19055139Gyana Bharati Institute of Science & Technology, Mancheswar-192-
19112101Haladia (Junior) College, Haladia2563264
19083211Hattakeswar (Junior) Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Baghamari128--
19055142Institute of Higher Secondary Education (ITER), Sum Hospital, Bhubaneswar-352-
19122102Janata (Junior) College, Kuhudi19264-
19062101Jatani (Junior) College, Jatni256128128
19013102Jawaharlal Nehru (Junior) College, Balianta256128-
19055144Jupiter Science College, Bhubaneswar-38464
19055281Jupiter Women's +2 Science College, Nayapalli-224-
19113103Kabi Prasanna Patasani Anchalika (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Malipada192--
19098102Kali Charan Panchagarh Ananga Narendra (Junior) College, Bankoi1926464
19135103Kalijai (Junior) College, Balugaon-128-
19055145Kalinga College of Commerce, Samantarapur, Bhubaneswar--64
19055195Kalinga Vision +2 Science Residential College, Rasulgarh-128-
19052213Kamala Nehru Women's (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar25612864
19113104Kerang Panchayat (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kerang128--
19152202Khurda Women's (Junior) College, Khurda256-32
19055148KIIT Science College, Patia-320-
19035113Krypton Science College, Kalarahanga-128-
19122103Kshetrabasi Dayananda Anglovedic (Junior) College, Nirakarpur25612896
19032101Kunja Bihari (Junior) College, Baranga25664128
19055185Lotus Institute of Management & Science, Khandagiri-128-
19093204Maa Sarada Women's (Junior) College, Tikatal64--
19115110Mahaprabhu Jagannath +2 Science Residential College, Mukunda Prasad-96-
19052110Maharishi (Junior) College of Natural Law, Bhubaneswar128512128
19053210Maharishi Women's (Junior) College, Patia256128-
19055186Meridian College, Dumduma-128-
19055113MMM +2 Science College, Saheed Nagar-96-
19072101Nachuni (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Nachuni256128-
19055151Naidu Science College, Bhubaneswar-192-
19055444Nano +2 Science College, Saheed Nagar-128-
19055111Narayana Junior College, Jayadev Vihar-64-
19035114Navajyoti Junior Science College, Sisupalgarh-160-
19055152New Star Science College, Kedargouri-128-
19055187Newton College of Science & Technology, Bhubaneswar-128-
19023104Odakhanda (Junior) College, Odakhanda19264-
19045109Odisha (Junior) Science Academy, Kalinga Vihar-128-
19055555ODM +2 Science College, Patia-64-
19055155Panchanana Jena College, Kesura64128-
19103101Panchupalli Bhima Balabantaray (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, AnkulachatI128--
19092101Parama Nanda (Junior) College, Bolagarh256128-
19073103Parsuram (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Gambharimunda128--
19055443Pragati Prafulla +2 College of Science, Commerce & Arts, Chandrasekharpur-128-
19152101Prananath (Junior) College, Khurda384512384
19012101Pratap Sasan (Junior) College, Balakati256--
19055189Pratik Science College, Nilakanthanagar-128-
19098103Raghunath (Junior) College, Deuli25664-
19123105Raghunath Adarsha (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Olasingha128--
19053121Raja Madhusudan Dev (Junior) College of Science & Education, Patia16012864
19051102Rajdhani (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar256384128
19082102Rama Chandi (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Gadamanitri128--
19123106Rama Chandra Kalpana (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kamaguru1926464
19051203Rama Devi Women's (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar512384256
19082103Rama Mani (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kantabada25664128
19055157Royal College of Science & Technology, Mancheswar-384-
19073204Rural Women's (Junior) College, Banapur160--
19055172S.R.M. +2 Science College, Bhubaneswar-128-
19055115Sai Samarth +2 Science (Junior) Residential College, Mancheswar-64-
19048102Sanatan Harichandan (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Madanpur1289664
19015108Saraswata Residential College, Puran Padhan-64-
19055169Saraswati Gyana Mandira (Junior) College, Niladri Vihar-64-
19035119Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandira, Sushanti Vihar-64-
19043103Sarat Paikray (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Argul192--
19035117Sarbeswar Residential College, Koradakanta, Bhubaneswar-64-
19022101Sishu Ananta (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Balipatna256128128
19112102Sri Jagannath (Junior) College, Kaipadar19264-
19052111Sri Jayadev (Junior) College of Education & Technology, Naharkanta25619264
19043104Sri Samanath Balunkeswar Dev Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Kantia12864-
19052210Sri Satya Sai (Junior) College for Women, Pokhriput192128-
19018103Sri Sri Baneswar (Junior) College, Bentapur192-128
19055197St. Xavier College of Science & Technology, Patia-128-
19053191Sthitiprajna (Junior) College, Bhubaneswar128128-
19055190Swami Vivekananda Residential College, Pokhariput-128-
19055164Times College of Science & Commerce, Malipada-22464
19055112Trinity College of Science, Patia-128-
19055193VISWASS - Vivekananda Institute of Social Work & Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar-128-
19155105Vivekananda Institute of Advanced Educational Research & Technology, Mukundaprasad, Khurda-128-

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