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Jun 12, 2012

Naktideul Junior College Naktideul Sambalpur

About  Naktideul Junior College, Naktideul, Sambalpur

Naktideul College, Naktideul was established in 1983 but recognized and affiliated in the year 1986-87. It is located in Naktideul (Block Headquarter) on the side of State Ways (From Rairakhol to Deogarh). It is at a distance of 31 K.M from Rairakhol and 49 km from Deogarh. The college impart Higher Education in Arts & Science at +2 level. The basic objectives of the institution are to impart Higher Education to poor students of the backward areas and to foster their academic ability for competition both at state & National level.

THE PRINCIPAL Dr. Udayanath Garnayak - Principal - Lect in Edn.
Contact Number:0663 246008, 9937611315

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Dr. Udayanath Garnayak - Principal - Lect in Edn.
Contact Number: 0663 246008, 9937611315

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Dr. Deepen Kumar Pattnaik - Lect. in Pol. Sc
Contact Number: :9938048012

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