Nabajyoti Junior College, Chakarkend, Baragarh

June 12, 2012

About  Nabajyoti Junior College, Chakarkend, Baragarh
Nabajyoti College, Chakarkend from its inception in 1993 has continued inculcating the spirit of learning in the locality at large. The name Nabajyoti is justified taking an emotional affinity of nearby 9 villages into consideration. Being located around downtrodden and drought prone area, the college is still charismatic about producing excellence and wonder among the mass. Fundamentally, it goes in for imparting quality education with due emphasis on improving educational base of the have not classes. As a +2 Arts College with a sanctioned strength of 128, it provides teaching on History, Pol. Science, Sanskrit, Economics, Education, Oriya including M.I.L. (Odia) and English as compulsory subjects. Over the last 19 years, the institute is able to cater to the needs of innocent millions who passionately crave for a better education. The faculties of maturity and experience are contributory to creating on ambience of education and learning in the area.

THE PRINCIPAL Hrusikesh Sahu - Principal
Contact Number: 9938771764

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Hrusikesh Sahu - Principal
Contact Number: 9938771764

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