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Apr 16, 2012

Prananath Autonomous College Khurda

About Prananath Autonomous College Khurda

Prananath Autonomous College, Khurda, one of the premier aided non-government colleges of the state, stands gloriously across a green-spacious 75 acre-field in a quiet, serene atmosphere at the foothill of the picturesque Barunei. The unflagging devotion and relentless effort of the great visionary and late lamented Prananath Pattanaik. ably supported by a group of enthusiastic associates, could ultimately realise a dream in the shape of the "Khurda College" on 28th January 1959 with the foundation stone being laid by the then Union Minister of Culture. Professor Humayun Kabir. The college though started primarily as an Arts college with teaching facility at the pre-university level only. has. in the mean while, achieved multi-dimensional development and has grown into a full-fledged degree college, imparting honours teaching in almost all major subjects of Arts, Science and Commerce such as English. Economics, Political Science, History. Oriya, Psychology. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Zoology. Botany and Accountancy Group in Commerce. In 1970 soon after the sad demise of its guiding spirit an founder secretary Prananath Pattanaik, the college was renamed as "Prananath College" in the memory of its illustrious founder.
    Going from strength to strength, the student capacity of this college, by this lime, has risen to above 4500. the teaching staff to 113 and non-teaching staff above 100, Apart from traditional branches of learning the college provides vocational course in Electronics Equipment Maintenance at the first degree level in tune with the emphasis given in the national educational policy and computer science and applied electronic at the +2 level as extra optional electives. To add new feathers to its cap the college is imparting courses in information technology and biotechnology and Indian Society and Culture, etc. Some need based courses on Computer Application, Tissue Culture. Environmental Studies, Tourism & Development, communicative English. Foreign Trade. E-Commerce are in the pipeline.
    The quantitative development witnessed by the college thus far is blended with its harmonious qualitative growth so much so that the history of this grand institution has been the history of modern Khurda and in a sense the history of the state of Orissa. Its products over the last four decades have spread, far and wide, to all walks of human endeavor be it academics, administration, social and political sphere or even defence achieving rare distinction in the respective fields and in turn giving recognition and reputation to the alma mater as a leading centre, of excellence, its history gives an account of the triumph of the popular well being materialized by the vision and determination of late Prananath Pattanaik who wrote way back in 1964, "This college can safely he taken as the nucleus of the future residential university or any higher all-comparisons educational institution having science, humanity, engineering and technology as its faculties in all India level and that will he named after Pandit Motihti Nehru". His idea was to constitute a trust board for the institution with Prime Minister of India as the President, Chief Minister of Orissa as the Vice President and eminent scholars and educationists of the country as its members.
    With an all round development over the last tour decades providing effective education at the degree level and private P.G. teaching facilities in sonic humanity subjects, the cherished dream of the founder is gradually being fulfilled. In keeping with the spirit of a cosmopolitan outlook besides its normal academic pursuit, the college nurtures a liberal and conducive atmosphere towards enriching finer sensibilities in the youth by conducting each year, with much pump and ceremony, the state level competitions in art. music, song, dance and debates, etc.. Attracting hundreds of boys and girls from different colleges all over the state -a unique 1.
    Event hardly realized in any other institution of the state. In view of the all-round development and its achievement in the last 47 years, the college has been conferred on the autonomous status with effect from the current academic session by the University Grant Commission. This month the college has been awarded "A"-grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore.
    The college has the proud privilege of hosting, in the past, several national and state level conferences as well as conventions of different societies such as the Orissa Physical Society, Orissa Chemical Society and societies belonging to Botany, Zoology, Political Science, Economics, Psychology and Commerce. The resolutions taken on issues of national importance pertaining to education in various aforesaid forums have found adequate reflection in the state and national education policy.
    The all round achievements of the college during all these years have been possible due to the nourishment it derived from the generous public donations, government grants and mostly the grants received from University Grants Commission. Stepping into the 48th year of its existence, the college looks forward to reaching the pinnacle of glory envisioned by its great founder late Prananath Pattanaik.

THE PRINCIPAL Dr. Mahendra Ku. Mohanty
Contact Number:0674 2551928

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Mrs. Puspa Rani Mohapatra, Vice-Principal
Contact Number:06755220264

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Dr. Pradip Kumar Mishra, Sr. Lect. in Pol.S
Contact Number:06755220264

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