Gokul Pravati Rural College, Kuntra, Sambalpur

April 27, 2012

About  Gokul Pravati Rural College, Kuntra, Sambalpur

Gokul Pravati Rural College was established in the year 1978 with the help Co-operation of the local elites and some benevolent persons of Angul Town and Kuchinda Block area The college .Working Hour- 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

THE PRINCIPAL Sri Gagan Chandra Panda - Principal I/C
Contact Number:9437424811

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Sri Gagan Chandra Panda - Principal
Contact Number: :  9437424811

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Smt. Ranjanee Nayak - Lecture in Oriya (+3 Wings)
Sri. Duryodhan Mehe  - Lecture in English ( +2 Wings)
Contact Number:9438413184,

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