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Apr 17, 2012

Brahmeswar Junior Mahavidyalaya Dharmakirty Khajuria Puri

About Brahmeswar Junior Mahavidyalaya, Dharmakirty, Khajuria, Puri

Established in 1992 as Brahmeswar (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Dharmakirty, Khajuria, Puri in Brahmagiri Block of Puri District strives hard for excellence in its way to fulfil its goal and mission since then.This College has also been identified as a Center to make the students intellectually sound. The College has been functioning as an 40% Block grant Aided College and managed and controlled by statutory & Non statutory bodies as prescribed by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha. Basing on its academic reputation, Co-curriculum activities quality of Institutional Management and responsiveness of Administrative structure. This Institution is fully Committed to its aims and goal and taking good care of Students.

For Details on College One can Contact the Following Authorities
First Appellate Authority (FAA):

THE PRINCIPAL Sri Bimal Ku. Manasingh - Principal I/C
Contact Number:9861932136

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Sri Gautam Biswal - Lect. in Odia
Contact Number:8763483021

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
Sri Suresh Ku. Jena - P.E.T
Contact Number:9237950179

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