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Apr 17, 2012

Bant Anchalika College Bant Bhadrak

About Bant Anchalika College Bant Bhadrak

 Visionaries of the locality dared to dream big and the march began. That was in 1980 when Bant Anchalika College, Bant was baptized. Caravan grew in size & strength Musketeers appeared in succession and carried the dream ahead. Collective vision with a good cause gathered momentum and took shape. It is easier to conceive and really tough to groom. Teething problems are inevitable to crop of but those architect played their part with dignity, dedictation and determination. The institution evolved through all these phases. Challenges helped prove its mettle and grow intensely.
     Today after the elapse of three decades the college is at par with any other public institution of repute. It is playing its part with elan and is catering to the academic and co-curricular needs of the youth of the area.
     As of today it has +2 classess in Arts, Science & Vocational Stream, Degree classes in Arts & Honors Classes in English & Oriya. It has its own campus, identity & alumin who are willing to share the responsibilities and take care of the march ahead. It is striving hard to fulfill the commitments made at its incepection and prove its worth as an institute of excellence.

Address :
Bant Anchalika College, Bant. 
Phone No: 06784-263125/ 263484
Fax No.-06784-263125,

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
Contact Number:06784 263125/ 263484, 9437446237

Public Information Officer (PIO):
Mr. K.C. Mahallick, Sr.Reader in Philosophy
Contact Number:06784263125, 9937202847

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