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Apr 17, 2012

Atal Behari College Basudevpur Bhadrak

About Atal Behari College Basudevpur Bhadrak

Atal Behari College, Basudevpur in the undivided district of Balasore saw the light of day on an auspicious day on the fall summer of 1963.The founders and patrons of the then infant Higher Education Institution (H.E.I.) had put in place a revolutionary mission of spreading higher education in this utterly backward region in the coastal belt of Orissa in post Independence era. It opened in a makeshift building. Now spread over a sprawling campus the institution has carried forward its mission. One would tremble at the idea of what a sorry state this region would have been it this higher education institution had not taken shape before these forty four years. To put it simply the aim of the institution to educate the people of the place has been fulfilled to a great extent.
  The backwardness in terms of the socio-economic development of this locality has struck hard with the consciousness of a handful of the front runners of education. This small number of people who had got the privilege of education were aware that education is the most effective instrument of social change.
   It is largely visible today with the help of a rough assessment of the rate of development of this place that the mission at least has not failed. The economic development that has been a marked feature of this once backward area is ascribed to the institution's contributions to higher education. The stakeholders claim and intellectuals agree on this visible change. The citizens who one were its students have not only spread out to a grate range of activities which are economically viable themselves but proved a point by serving the state of Orissa and the country as professionals, skilled personnel, technocrat, politicians, so on and so forth.

Address :
Atal Behari College, Basudevpur, 
Phone No: 06784-271217,
Fax No.-06784-271217,

Contact Number:06784271217, 9938336340

First Appellate Authority (FAA):
N.N. Patnayak
Contact Number:06784271217

Public Information Officer (PIOs):
Dr. D.C. Panda, Reader in Sanskrit
Contact Number:06784271217, 9438355674

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