Professional Colleges in Sundargarh District


Block Name Name of College Location Code
Rourkela (MPL) Asian Workers Development Institute Rourkella 30105891
Rourkela (MPL) Asian Workers Development Society Rourkela 30105801
Rourkela (MPL) Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Institute of Information Technology & Management Sikhyaparisada Jagda 30105802
Rourkela (MPL) Naba Bharat Sikhyaparisada Rourkela 30105803
Rourkela (MPL) National Institute of Computer Science Rourkela 30105804
Rourkela (MPL) Rourkela Institute of Management Studies Chhend 30105805
Rourkela (MPL) Rourkella Law College Rourkella 30105892
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