Junior Women Colleges in Cuttack District


Block Name Name of College Location Code
Arc charbatia Choudwar Women's (Junior) College, Choudwar Choudwar 7173203
Athagarh (NAC) Gopabandhu Women's (Junior) College, Athagarh Athagarh 7054204
Banki (NAC) Rani Suka Dei Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Banki Banki 7083203
Cuttack (MC) Biren Mitra Memorial Women's (Junior) College, Cuttack Cuttack 7184222
Cuttack (MC) Mahanadi Vihar Women's (Junior) College, Cuttack Cuttack 7183216
Cuttack (MC) Shailabala Women's (Junior) College, Cuttack Cuttack 7181202
Cuttack Sadar Kusum Devi Satsang Women's (Junior) College, Cuttack Cuttack 7104212
Cuttack Sadar Laksheswar Women's (Junior) College, Phulnakhara Phulnakhara 7103210
Kantapara Govindpur Women's (Junior) College, Govindpur Govindpur 7113203
Mahanga Mahanga Womens (Junior) College, Pallisahi Pallasahi 7122203
Niali Prachi Women's (Junior) College, Niali Niali 7133205
Nischintakoili Ballavi Devi Mahila (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Natakai Natakai 7143207
Salipur Women's (Junior) College, Japakuda Japakuda 7152203
Tigiria Kalinga Women's (Junior) College, Tigiria Tigiria 7043203
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