Junior Colleges in Kendrapara District


Block Name Name of College Location  Code
Aul Aul (Junior) College, Aul Aul 17012101
Aul Debaray Samarsingh (Junior) College, Ganeswarpur Ganeswarpur 17013105
Aul Gandhi Memorial (Junior) College, Govindpur Govindpur 17013106
Aul Laxmi Barah (Junior) College, Ayatpur Ayatpur 17012102
Aul Olaver (Junior) College, Olaver Olaver 17012103
Derabish Delta (Junior) College, Bhitarabampu Bhitarabampu 17023104
Derabish Derabish (Junior) College, Derabish Derabish 17022101
Derabish Hrudananda Nayak Smaraki (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Chandol Chandol 17022102
Derabish OSCAR Science College, Derabish Gualsingh, Kendrapara 17025115
Garadapur Bijaya (Junior) Mahavidyala, Tyendukura Tyendukura 17033105
Garadapur Lokanath (Junior) College, Patkura Patkura 17032101
Kendrapara Alfa Best College of Science & Technology, Patnagarh Patnagarh 17045110
Kendrapara Birupa (Junior) College, Indipur Indipur 17042101
Kendrapara Swami Vivekananda Manab Sambal Vikas (Junior) College, Chaudakulat Chaudakulat 17043104
Kendrapara Veer Hanumanjew (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Nikirai Nikirai 17042102
Kendrapara (MPL) Kendrapada Evening (Junior) College, Kendrapara Kendrapara 17102101
Kendrapara (MPL) Kendrapara (Junior) College, Kendrapara Kendrapara 17102102
Mahakalpara Binapani (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Gayaspur Gayaspur 17053103
Mahakalpara Maa Tarini (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Jayachandrapur Jayachandrapur 17053104
Mahakalpara Sri Sri Bayababa (Junior) College, Mahakalpar Mahakalpar 17052101
Mahakalpara Thakur Nigamananda (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Nigamavihar Nigamavihar 17052102
Marshaghai Biju Patnaik (Junior) College, Antei Antei 17062101
Marshaghai Chitrotpola (Junior) College, Akhua Odanga Akhua Odanga 17064114
Marshaghai Gandhi Uccha Madhyamik (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Ayatpur Ayatpur 17063106
Marshaghai Karilopatna (Junior) College, Karilopatna Karilopatna 17062102
Marshaghai Marshaghai (Junior) College, Marshaghai Marshaghai 17062103
Pattamundai Barpara (Junior) College, Barpara Barpara 17072101
Pattamundai Brahmani (Junior) College, Dandisahi Dandisahi 17072102
Pattamundai Ramadevi +2 Junior College, Pattamundai Pattamundai 17075111
Pattamundai U.K. Mahavir (Junior) College, Madanpur Madanpur 17072103
Pattamundai (NAC) Pattamundai (Junior) College, Pattamundai Pattamunda 17112101
Rajkanika Barha Regional Science (Junior) College, Hatasahi Katchery Hatasahi Katchery 17082101
Rajkanika Kapileswar (Junior) College, Katna Katna 17083105
Rajkanika Sailendra Narayan (Junior) College, Rajkanika Rajkanika 17082102
Rajnagar Nalinikanta (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Chandibaunsamul Chandibaunsamul 17093103
Rajnagar Sri Sri Jagannath (Junior) Mahavidyalaya, Rajnagar Rajnagar 17092101
Rajnagar Swapneswar (Junior) College, Barahpur Barahpur 17093104
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