Degree Women Colleges in Balasore District


Block Name Name of College Location           Code
Balasore (MPL) Balasore Mahila (Degree) College, Gopalgaon Gopalgaon 2114408
Balasore (MPL) Kuntala Kumari Sabat Women's (Degree) College, Balasore Balasore 2111403
Bhograi Women's (Degree) College, Bhogarai Bhograi 2053413
Jaleswar (NAC) Jaleswar Women's (Degree) College, Jaleswar Jaleswar 2123405
Nilgiri (NAC) Nilagiri Women's (Degree) College, Nilagiri Nilagiri 2163404
Soro (NAC) Soro Women's (Degree) College, Soro Soro 2133404

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