Degree Colleges in Bolangir District

Block Name Name of College Location          Code
Agalpur Agalpur (Degree) Science College, Agalpur Agalpur 5013305
Agalpur Agalpur Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Roth Roth 5014306
Balangir Jagannath (Degree) College, Sahajbahal Sahajbahal 5023306
Balangir Sudam Charan (Degree) College, Chandanbhati Chandanbhati 5023307
Balangir (MPL) Government (Degree) College, Bolangir Bolangir 5071304
Bangomunda Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Bangomunda Bangomunda 5123304
Belpada Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Belpara Belpara 5084305
Deogaon Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Deogaon Deogaon 5033304
Deogaon Saswat (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Jarasingha Jarasingha 5033305
Gudvela Tusra (Degree) College, Tusra Tusra 5043304
Khaprakhol Panchayat (Degree) College, Lathor Lathor 5093304
Loisingha Anchalik (Degree) Mahavidyalaya, Kushang Kushang 5053304
Loisingha Loisingha (Degree) College, Loisingha Loisingha 5054305
Muribahal Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Muribahal Muribahal 5133302
Patnagarh Jyoti Vikash (Degree) College, Bhainsa Bhainsa 5103304
Patnagarh Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Ghasian Ghasian 5103305
Patnagarh (NAC) Jawaharlal (Degree) College, Patnagarh Patnagarh 5112304
Puintala Mahimunda (Degree) College, Mahimunda Mahimunda 5063305
Puintala Radheshyam Anchalik (Degree) College, Bilaisarda Bilaisarda 5063306
Saintala Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Saintala Saintala 5142302
Turekela Kantabanji Vocational (Degree) College, Kantabanji Kantabanji 5164303

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