Degree Colleges in Baragarh District


Block Name Name of College Location          Code
Ambabhona Mahatma Gandhi (Degree) College, Bhukta Bhukta 3013303
Attabira Attabira (Degree) College, Attabira Attabira 3022303
Attabira Larambha (Degree) College, Larambha Larambha 3022304
Bargarh Katapali (Degree) College, Katapali Katapali 3033307
Bargarh Tora (Degree) College, Tora Tora 3033308
Bargarh (MPL) Panchayat (Degree) College, Bargarh Bargarh 3071302
Bargarh (MPL) Trust Fund (Degree) College, Bargarh Bargarh 3073305
Barpali Katapali +3 College, Katapali Katapali 3043306
Barpali (NAC) Barpali College, Barpali Barpali 3082302
Bhatali Dadhi Baman (Degree) College, Bhatli Bhatli 3054304
Bheden Anchalik Kisan (Degree) College, Bheden Bheden 3062304
Bheden Pallishree (Degree) College, Chichinda Chichinda 3062305
Bheden Remunda (Degree) College, Remunda Remunda 3063307
Bijepur Bijepur (Degree) College, Bijepur Bijepur 3094304
Gaisilet Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Gaisilat Gaisilat 3104305
Jharbandh Panchayat Samiti (Degree) College, Jharbandh Jharbandh 3113303
Paikmal Mandosil (Degree) College, Mandosil Mandosil 3123304
Paikmal Vindhya Vasini (Degree) College, Paikmal Paikmal 3123305
Rajborasambar Anchal (Degree) College, Padampur Padampur 3132303
Sohella Ghess (Degree) College, Ghess Ghess 3144303
Sohella Sohela (Degree) College, Sohela Sohela 3144304
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